Google Docs catches up with Microsoft Word and adds watermark support

Google Docs plays catch-up with Microsoft Word, adds watermark support

I love Google Docs. Allows me to write documents or make quick changes to the ones on the go, automatically, whether I’m on my smartphone or computer – which requires a browser and keyboard. But for some reason, Docs often feel a bit lacking when it comes to non-essential features, especially when compared to Microsoft Word. But as of today, Google Docs reaches its competitors in one logical way: watermarks.

Google Docs plays catch-up with Microsoft Word, adds watermark support

Now, Google Docs users will be able to place watermarks on their documents, both with photos and text. Additionally, if you upload a Word document individually, it will also be saved – the same as when extracting a file from Docs to local format. To add a watermark to your document, just go to the top bar, click “Apply” and scroll down until you see the “Watermark” option. The feature is not available in the mobile version of the app – if you want to add it, you will need to go to the desktop browser.

Watermarks replicate on all pages, and allow you to display the status of the document to the reader: if it’s just a draft that needs to be shown to someone to make changes, or it’s a secret, you’ll want to add a watermark. to clarify that, say “Draft” or “Private”. You can also add photo watermarks – perhaps your company logo needs to be highlighted throughout the document for any reason.


The feature will be released from today, and it may take up to 15 days to make it available.



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