iPad Pro is coming: everything we know about Apple’s new release

Apple’s 2022 launch schedule will be marked by the debut of a new iPhone 14 series smartphone. However, there are sources who claim that new tablets should also be released.

If you’re eager to know what Apple’s new Pro tablets will bring with new features, expect some design refinements, the generation chip upgrade, as well as a much-needed charging technology upgrade, among others.

From what leaks and some reliable sources have shared in recent months, here’s everything you can expect from Apple’s (next generation) iPad Pro tablets.

What should be the new design of iPad Pro 2022?

So far, we haven’t heard any design changes for the 2022 iPad Pro update. Thus, the main design with uniform bezels, a camera island squirt on the back, and a metal chassis will likely continue in the new generation. However, the introduction of wireless charging support can make things interesting.


Bloomberg said Apple is trying to find ways to implement wireless charging on the iPad Pro, possibly taking the MagSafe route it introduced in the iPhone 12 series. However, the metal rear panel of the iPad Pro proves to be an obstacle to the transfer of charge.


Apple has a few options: One of them is to abandon the metal back panel in favor of glass, to allow wireless charging. However, the company’s engineers are in a dilemma about the decision, as a glass rear is more fragile.

Also, given the bulkier profile of an iPad, the glass panel would be more prone to mechanical damage. Another possible design change is to insert the wireless charging coil under the Apple logo. Now it is made of glass rather than being engraved or polished on the metal back panel.

So far, there is no new report that can tell us Apple’s final decision regarding the dilemma of wireless charging hardware. Not even, as it will change the final design of the iPad Pro. No matter where Apple takes, the advantage will be very significant.

With wireless charging support and a larger battery, the 2022 iPad Pro update will also allow users to charge their iPhone and headphones by simply placing it on their tablet. The technology is not entirely unheard of, especially on Android phones.

But when it comes to tablets, this feature is a rarity. So far, the only brand that supports reverse wireless charging is Huawei.

In the March issue of his PowerOn newsletter, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman mentioned that MagSafe could appear on the 2022 iPad Pro, while the 9to5Mac claimed a few months earlier that Apple had dropped plans for a glass backpanel for the iPad Pro this year.


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