Did you know that the demand for online chess has increased exponentially since October? Coincidentally, during this period there was the launch of one of the hottest series of recent times, The Queen’s Gammlot. The Netflix production is plotted by chess player Elizabeth Harmon, an orphan addicted to tranquilizers and the sport’s genesis.

The fact is that since then – from the launch, sales of chessboards have grown by 87%. In the same period, books on the sport went even further, achieving an incredible 603% increase in their sales volume.

The game as we know it dates back to the 15th century, but its origin, still controversial, has as its most accepted hypothesis to be dated to the 6th century in India. At the time it was called shaturanga, which in Sanskrit means “the four elements of an army”. He later arrived in China and Persia, and the Persian word shah, meaning shah, monarch or king, comes chess.

With the advent and popularization of technology, nothing more natural than sport also garners slot stake in the digital world. Therefore, it is currently possible to find several online chess game platforms. In them, it is possible to crash into the machine’s own algorithm or against other players in Multiplayer mode.

Most of them are cross-platform and can be accessed on both mobile devices and computers and notebooks. And best of all, as you might expect, there are a lot of people waiting for a rival to match, whether you’re a beginner, you’re advanced.

If you are in the mood to practice game lot, we have prepared a list of websites and applications where you can do it in a really cool way! Check it out!


Online chess game



The chess.com is one of the best-known platforms in the segment. In it the player registers with his email and can participate in online matches against other players or against the machine itself. In addition to it, you can also sign up with your Facebook or Google account.

If you want to play against friends, you can call them for private matches and tournaments. There’s a way to get access to a game history to see where you missed or improved. This is pretty cool, because you can see where the performance improvement can happen.

The platform goes further, also offering a Training Program with classes and exercises. To have access to the complete package, however, you must be a subscriber to the Premium plan.

Among the functions that are released in the free version, there are ranking by starting style and chess problem solutions.

The number of players there is very large, so you will never miss opponents. And, it’s worth saying, the challenges are getting bigger and bigger, but they’re worth it!



The lichess.org is another site that is very successful, and it is not for nothing. There are a lot of players there, and at the time of that text, there were 34,000 matches going on simultaneously. Just to give you an idea, there were over 80,000 users online on the platform.

There, it is only necessary to register if you want to participate in the ranking. Otherwise, you can freely use the boards to challenge other players.

Its interface is a little simpler, without Night Mode, so to speak, but its features in relation to gambling are excellent. In addition, the site offers lessons, learning and troubleshooting.

The great advantage is because it is free completely, and there is not even the possibility to sign a Premium plan.




Chess24 is another good platform for those looking for online chess. Although the look is a bit metallic, requiring some improvements, its features are very interesting.

The amount of players that is there is still growing, because the site is a beginner when compared to the other references. However, it pays off in other items.

The video and written material that the site provides to players is undoubtedly one of the best. Especially if you intend to study openings.

So, as there are not a large number of players, if you are advanced you will not find great challenges. But there will certainly be one or the other punctually. It’s a good platform to give your gammon training.

Apps for playing chess online

Want an online chess game on your phone or tablet? There are good options too, then!

Chess – Clash of Kings (Android)

If you are looking for a good online chess game reference for your Android smartphone, then Chess – Clash of Kings is the right one. With it, you can play random matches against the computer or you can access multiplayer mode. In this, players from all over the world will be available.

In addition, it is possible that you call your friends to play against. In this case, the duel is indicated directly.

The nice thing about the platform is that it has a wooded tone in its interface. With a clean and pleasant look, not to say chic, it’s a good way to exercise your chess.

Chess – Play and Learn online


If you’re looking for online chess for an iOS device, be aware that there are no big names in the thread. Still, it is possible to have good references. And Chess – Play and Learn fulfills this function well (but, it is worth mentioning, it is chess.com, a giant, so we are only talking about software and downloads!).

The game works on both iPhones and iPads, and its visual setting is automatically adjusted. And all the resources of chess.com are there.

They are free unlimited matches, your chess rating, over 50,000 tactical problems, interactive lessons, videos and a powerful computerized opponent.

Chess (iOS) online game

Want to crash into a powerful opponent? So the chess engine can be an excellent choice.

The app, in general terms, has features compatible with those of other applications of this genre. However, what is worth mentioning here is that the machine you can face ranked 4th in the world championship. That is, it is a thick-skinned machine.

Have you ever thought about having a chance to play against a world championship player? For Chess provides, but only for Apple users. Snif, Android!

Did you find your chess game online?

So, now you’re going to exercise your gammon or haven’t even figured out what the word means? To be a chess player, that’s the starting point,



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