Microsoft its ‘One Outlook’ rollout soon

Last year, word was leaked about Project Monarch, Microsoft’s attempt to integrate its many different versions of One Outlook mail with a calendar product. At that time, as first reported by Windows Central, Microsoft was planning to roll out its product and strategy called “One Outlook” by 2021. Monarch is still happening, but now it seems like a whole bunch of new One Outlook strategies and deliveries. instead it will be launched this year.

Microsoft One Outlook rollout soon

Microsoft its ‘One Outlook’ rollout soon: Microsoft currently has a variety of Outlook versions for Windows, Mac, Web, iOS, and Android (based on Acompli’s acquired technology), all of which its (confusing) officials often refer to as “Outlook”. The new Outlook – also expected to be rendered “Old Outlook” when available – will run on Windows Desktop (Win32 / UWP; Intel and Arm), the web, and macOS Desktop. The new Outlook will look and sound like Web Outlook, I hear.

Microsoft has been monitoring Monarch / One Outlook for several months inside with growing user rings. My sources say the company plans to make an official announcement with One Outlook this spring. Microsoft may be ready to receive a new version of Outlook to Windows Insider on Dev and Beta channels in late March or early April 2022, my contacts say. By the end of July or August this year, Microsoft hopes to find it at Insiders on the Slow Channel, although this target date may last until autumn, my contacts said.

Earlier leaks about Monarch showed that Microsoft was considering replacing the new Outlook Mail / Calendar client built into Windows. It looks like this is still a plan, but it could happen a little bit later than expected, said my correspondents.

When Microsoft unveiled the next version of Windows 10 and 11 featured about October 2022, the new Outlook will be an option and pinned next to the existing Mail and Calendar app, my sources say. Microsoft will probably try to get Windows users to try the new Outlook but it does not appear to be forcing users to migrate to it this calendar year. I’m not sure if next year Microsoft will require Windows users to go with the new Outlook and uninstall the existing Mail and Calendar app.


According to the original leak, Microsoft officials did not intend to replace the new Win32 Outlook client with the latest Outlook until later.
I have contacted Microsoft to see if I can get a comment (or no comment) about Monarch’s status. No name coming back yet.


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