What New Sony’s Comments On the Microsoft and Activision Deal Really Mean

Sony says it expects Microsoft to honor its contracts with Activision and “continue to ensure” that Activision games are released from its platforms – but there is room for interpretation of what the PlayStation maker really means. Naturally, after Microsoft announced its intention to acquire Activision Blizzard for around $ 70 billion, many began to speculate as to whether the company would turn the release of multiple platforms into Xbox exclusive. Sony is now seriously considering the idea: “We expect Microsoft to comply with contract agreements and continue to ensure that the Activision Games are multiplatform,” a Sony spokesman told the Wall Street Journal.

This means that only “existing contracts” will be honored with the games being played and built. It really depends on the contracts already signed and I’m sure Sony had made some sort of 1 – 5 year contract so that Call of Duty would appear on the Playstation. In the end, Microsoft will appoint Sony, but only after fulfilling the specified contracts.

One thing you should also consider here is that BOTH Sony and Microsoft are interested in working to try to limit what Amazon, Google, and Facebook can do in the gaming industry. Nintendo does just as well as Valve really does. You prefer to face the devil you know rather than the one you do not know.

Hint: Even if COD continues to come on the PlayStation, Microsoft could make it a timeline (i.e. 2024 onwards) on XBox, which can be equally dangerous during the holidays. Further acquisition of EA, already affiliated with Game Pass, could be brutal for Sony.

I really need to understand the point of making such statements in order to gain insight into their headspace. Sony shares have taken the $ 20bil dive. Sony’s statement to Bloomberg is to silence investors. He noted how they had issued a statement to Bloomberg instead of any publication of the game.

In their statement they used the term “contractual agreements” which we know to refer to existing signed agreements. You would not call them that if there were no signatures and no official today. Part 2 of the statement deliberately kept things uncertain as it did not specify that Activision would continue with the multiplatform of existing or future contracts as well. Also, the purpose is simply to silence investors.


Xbox then issued a counter-statement to clarify the situation using the term “existing agreements”. The second part of the Xbox message gives us a glimpse of the future. MS uses the word “desire” to keep COD in PS. This means that MS is open to dialogue with PS in order to keep COD in PS in the future.

UMS wants you to know that they are committed to playing football with PS. Apparently MS will also negotiate future contracts with additional lucrative terms for Sony to retain COD, even if that allows for game-to-PS transfers, termination of platform payments, off-game refunds, etc. still to be seen.


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