Download Youtube Videos Easily : 7 Best Options

Download Youtube Videos Easily : 7 Best Options

Despite the practicality to watch through Youtube, downloading the content that is on it to watch later and offline is not that simple. At such times a site to download youtube videos can help a lot.

Currently, there are several websites and applications that do this – and are mostly free – as well as being available for the main operating systems of smartphones and computers, or without the need to create a registration.

Below are 7 sites and apps that have this function and can help you download a video from the platform quickly and simply. Check and download yours now!

List of the best websites and apps to download videos from Youtube

Save From

This site has as its main function to offer its users the option of downloading media from various platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube. With it it is not necessary to create an access login and to use it is very simple:

  • Copy the URL of the video you want to download;
  • Open the site, clicking here;
  • Paste the URL into the green bar, which is in the top center field, and click download.
  • Ready, the video will be added to your media.


As with the previous website, the use of the ClipConverter it is very simple, but as a differential, it offers the option to choose the exact minute of the video you want to download. It is also free and very easy to use.

To download your video from this site, do the following:

  • Open the site and paste the Youtube URL;
  • Choose the setting you want;
  • Press the “Start” button.

Catcher ATube

If you intend to install a program on your computer to download Youtube videos quickly, the Catcher ATube may be the most recommended.

This system is compatible with Android and Windows devices and allows users to download their favorite movies, videos, and music from various websites, including Youtube.

The interface of the program is very intuitive and to do the installation just follow the step by step as it appears. For sure it helps a lot when downloading YouTube videos in MP3 or MP4.

This application also stands out for allowing the user to record CDs, and DVDs, capture the computer screen, and edit videos, among other functions.

ByClick Downloader

Or click Downloader is a perfect program for those who want to download Youtube videos in high quality. This app even allows the conversion of the format to HD, for example.

To install on your pc, just click here and follow the download instructions of the program itself.

It is worth remembering that it has a paid and free version, and can be installed on computers with Windows or macOS.



Freemake allows your users to download videos from multiple platforms, with just a few clicks.

Incidentally, it is only necessary to access the site, paste in the download bar the URL of the Youtube video and download on some device with sufficient memory capacity.


This is an app to download free Youtube videos, available for Android smartphones. Through it the user can save the videos in various formats, such as MP3 and MP4.

To download a video with Clipgrab, you must copy the desired site link to the program and choose the download specifications, such as size, definition, and format.



Or Y2Mate is a site that allows you to download videos or audio from Youtube quickly. With it, can download the files on a computer or smartphone and view them offline at any time.

To download your video using Y2Mate:

  • Open the Y2Mate website;
  • Enter the URL of the video in the main field;
  • Select the desired download format (such as mp3 or mp4, setting and etc);
  • Next, the site will identify the file and release the download.

It is worth mentioning that in Y2Mate, as in many other sites, it is not necessary to make any registration to download the videos. That is, it is very simple and practical to have your videos!

It is important to remember that on all these sites may appear some pop-up check, but just confirm and continue downloading the videos.


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