iOS 15.0-15.5 JAILBREAK Status Update

iOS 15.0 - 15.5 JAILBREAK: Should You Stay on iOS 15 or Update to iOS 16 Beta For New Features?

11,457 views 7 Jun 2022 ▶ Fix Various iOS Issues with PhoneRescue, No Data Loss: https://bit.ly/3OJu40i

With the release of iOS 16 Developer Beta 1 today at #wwdc22, new features such as a customizable lock screen, improved Apple Pay, SharePlay in iMessage, better privacy features, and much more was released. Many of you have been on iOS 15 for a year now and the jailbreak is still in development, so the question is naturally should you stay on iOS 15 and wait for a jailbreak to be released, or update to iOS 16 Beta and experience the new features?

My recommendation is to stay on iOS 15 for now, not only because iOS 16 Developer Beta is very buggy, but also because aside from the customizable lock screen there’s not much to it. You are much better off waiting for Taurine Jailbreak or for Unc0ver to be updated. Taurine is already in development.

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~ GeoSn0w

iOS 15.0-15.5 JAILBREAK Status Update

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