How to Screenshot on iPhone SE

The latest iPhone SE arrives with powerful features and a beautiful design. Like most other iPhone models, you can capture a screenshot on iPhone SE easily.

If you want to know how to take screenshots on iPhone SE, keep reading this article. In this tutorial, we will show you several strategies for taking screenshots on your iPhone SE.

Whether you want to capture a screenshot of an app or just save a picture of something on your screen, these methods are sure to work for you. Let’s get started!

Method 1: Capture Screenshots on iPhone SE with Physical Buttons

The first method is by using the physical switches on your iPhone SE. To take a screenshot, simply follow these steps:

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1. Open the web page, chat, app, or just any screen that you want to screenshot.

2. Tap and hold the side button or the top button of the iPhone. Without releasing the side/top button, quickly press the start button.


3. This will take a screenshot, which you will see in a minimized popup window on the left of the screen.

4. If you want to customize or share the screenshot, quickly press the thumbnail before it disappears. If you don’t want to share or customize it, simply ignore the thumbnail. It will be automatically stored on your iPhone.

5. If you tap on the thumbnail, you will find options to edit, markup, cut, erase, add text, or share the picture.

6. Once you are done with the customizing, you can press “OK” to save the changes or delete the screenshot.

7. Tap the share button if you desire to share the snap with others. You can share it via Messages, Email, WhatsApp, and more.

Method 2: Capture Screenshots on iPhone SE without Physical Buttons

The second method is by employing AssistiveTouch to take screenshots. The process is pretty straightforward. It is very beneficial when the physical buttons on your iPhone are damaged or you just dont feel comfortable utilizing these buttons. Here’s what you require to do:

1. Browse your iPhone’s Settings and then navigate to General > Accessibility.

2. Scroll down on the window to find and switch on “AssistiveTouch”

3. Now open the screen that you want to screenshot on your iPhone SE. This will create a circular button on the screen.

4. Tap on the “AssistiveTouch” button to bring up the options.

5. Browse Devices > More. In the new tab, you should find a screenshot button. Tapping the button will capture a screenshot.

4. Once you do so, the image will open in the editor from where you can share or customize it like earlier.

5. If you want to share the screenshot, tap on the share button and select the platform of your choice. You can also tap on “Done” to preserve the shot on your device.

Method 3: Capture Full-page Screenshots on iPhone SE

Sometimes you will need to take a full-page screenshot of a long article or web page. In such cases, the methods mentioned above will not be helpful. The good news is that there is an option in the newer iPhone models to do so. Simply go to the preferred page where you like to grasp a screenshot.

After that, follow the first method’s 1 to 4 steps. Once the thumbnail appears, tap on it and then select “Full Page.” The full-page screenshot will be kept on your device automatically.

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Use Third-party Apps to Capture Screenshots on iPhone SE

There are many other ways to take screenshots on your iPhone SE. One of them is by utilizing third-party programs from the App Store. Although there are plenty of screenshot apps available, we recommend going for something that has better ratings to ensure adequate performance.

Simply search for “screenshot” in the App Store, and you will come across numerous apps. These apps are pretty straightforward to use. Go for the one that you prefer. After installing them, simply launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to take screenshots on your iPhone SE.

Where are Screenshots Saved on iPhone?

Sometimes after capturing a screenshot, you may not be able to see it in the Photos app. However, when you know the specific location, it becomes quite easy to find the screenshot. By default, all the screenshots that you take on your iPhone are stored in this location: Albums > Media Types > Screenshots under Photos.

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Capturing screenshots on your iPhone SE is quite easy, whether you use the physical buttons, AssistiveTouch, or a third-party app. With this guide, we hope you can take high-quality pictures without any hassle. Do let us know in the comment section which method worked best for you.

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