How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone

iPhone devices are known for their many features and capabilities. One of these is the way to transmit voice messages. In case you dont know what a voice message is, it is a message in which you can record an audio and send it to the intended person. Nowadays, people use this feature more often to communicate with each other.

Sending voice messages is a great way to communicate with friends and family members – especially if they’re busy or unable to answer their phones at the moment. It’s also a fun way to leave little surprises for people! In this write-up, we are proceeding to show you how you can easily send voice messages from your iPhone device.

How to Send a Voice Message on iPhone Message App

Gone are the days when you have to type out long text messages to communicate with someone. Now, you can simply record your voice message and send it right away! This is how you do it on the message app on your iPhone:

1. Open the iPhone’s Messages app. If you already have a conversation going on with the person, you want to send the voice message to, just open that conversation. Otherwise, start a new conversation by tapping on the “New Message” button on the top of the display.

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2. Tap and hold down on the “microphone” icon on beside the text box. Then speak into your iPhone’s microphone to record your voice message.

3. When you’re done recording, just let go of the “microphone” icon, and your voice message will be recorded. You can then tap on the “play” icon to hear the audio.


4. Once you’re happy with your voice message, just tap on the “send” icon (up arrow) to send it off! If you don’t want to send it just yet or re-record, you can tap on the “X” icon to delete the recording.

That’s it! Sending voice messages using your iPhone is quick and straightforward. Just remember to hold down on the “microphone” icon while you record your message, and then let go when you’re done.

How to Hear a Voice Message on iPhone

When someone transmits you a voice message, you’ll notice the voice icon appear in the conversation thread as a message. To listen to it, simply tap on the message. The audio will begin playing automatically.

You can also choose to save the voice message by tapping on the “keep” icon. This will save the message onto a media file under the thread. If you don’t prefer to save it, do nothing! Voice messages on iPhone are automatically deleted after two minutes.

If you don’t want the messages to be deleted auto after two minutes, you can choose to change the settings. Just go to Settings > Messages > Audio Messages and then click “Expire”. Select

“Never” under the options. Now your voice messages will not be automatically deleted anymore!

Note that voice messages and voicemail on iPhone are two different things. The voice message is a feature in the Messages app that allows you to record and send audio messages, while voicemail is a separate phone service offered by cellular carriers.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Voice Message

There are advantages and disadvantages of sending voice messages. The primary edge is that it is fast and effortless to do – especially if you’re on the go. You can also say a lot more in a voice message than you can in a text message, which is great for conveying your thoughts and feelings pretty fast.

However, there are also some disadvantages. For one, the person you’re sending the message to may not be able to listen to it right away. They can be in a meeting, driving, or doing something else where they can’t really listen to your message. Additionally, people can often misunderstand the tone of a voice message, which can lead to miscommunication.

Besides, sometimes the voice message might require more time than usual to be downloaded. It especially happens when the connection is not too good, and the message is pretty lengthy. Another issue is that new users might not be aware that voice messages on iPhones can disappear in a couple of minutes if they don’t do anything about it.

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The voice message is a very useful feature on iPhone, but it also has some disadvantages. The major edge is that it is fast and effortless. You can also say a lot more in a voice message than you can in a text message, which is great for conveying your thoughts and feelings pretty fast.

Although there are some drawbacks, voice message is still a splendid way to communicate. So the next time you need to express something quickly, don’t hesitate to send a voice message!

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