How Much Do iPhone 13 Cost

Are you considering upgrading to the new iPhone 13 but wondering about the price tag? We’ve all been there — those iPhones sure aren’t cheap. Fear not; we have compiled pricing information from Apple and third-party retailers around the globe so that you know exactly how much money to prepare for when it comes time to upgrade. Read on to discover how much iPhone 13 costs!

Pricing Breakdown

Apple two four different versions: the mini and regular sizes. Furthermore, these phones come with various storage options, ranging from 128GB all the way up to 512GB. Such flexibility in storage enables you to just pick the right version for your need.

The iPhone 13 mini starts at $599 for 128GB of storage, $699 for 256GB of storage, and $899 for 512GB of storage, as per Apple’s website.

The iPhone 13 starts at $699 for 128GB of storage, $799 for 256GB of storage, and $999 for 512GB of storage, as per the same source.

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How the price can vary

It is substantial to note that the costs detailed above are subject to change. You may find a better deal from a third-party retailer, or Apple may offer special discounts and promotions at certain times of the year. It pays to shop around!

In addition, the prices for the iPhone 13 can also vary depending on where you are located in the world. For example, in some countries like Turkey, the iPhone 13 will cost more than it does in the United States due to taxes and duties.


The price may also vary based on the cellular network provider or retailer you choose to purchase your iPhone 13. Some providers offer subsidized prices for the iPhone, while others may offer discounts on certain models.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a second-hand or used iPhone 13, the prices can be much lower than the official Apple prices. You may even find some deals with extended warranties or other perks.

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Should you buy a refurbished or used iPhone 13?

When it comes to buying a new iPhone 13, purchasing a refurbished or used device can be a great way to save money. Nevertheless, you must assess a few factors before making this choice.

For those looking for a luxurious experience without paying full price, obtaining a refurbished iPhone is the best way to go. These products have received the same care and attention as brand-new devices but have previously been used before being restored back to their original condition by either Apple or an independent source.

A used iPhone, on the other hand, is a device that has been previously owned by someone else and is being sold as-is. These devices typically don’t come with a warranty, so it’s important to thoroughly inspect the device and ask any questions you may have before making a purchase. It’s also a good idea to check the device’s condition, battery health, and other aspects that may be important to you.

When buying a refurbished or used iPhone 13, it’s essential to be mindful of where you’re purchasing the device from. Buying from a reputable retailer or seller can assure you that the device has been inspected and is in good working condition. However, buying from an individual seller or an unknown website can be riskier, and you might end up with a device that doesn’t work as expected.

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Alternatives to buying a new iPhone 13

There are a few alternatives to buying a brand-new iPhone 13. You can choose to purchase a newer model of iPhone, like the iPhone 14, which is a great option for those who want the latest and greatest features. You can also purchase an older model of iPhone, such as the iPhone 12, or you can opt for refurbished versions of older iPhones that have been certified by Apple.

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Another alternative is to buy an Android phone from another manufacturer instead. This could be a good option if you don’t need all the features and capabilities of the iPhone 13 or are looking for a more affordable device.

Finally, you can also opt for a prepaid phone plan which may offer cheaper monthly prices than traditional plans. This is ideal for those who want to avoid long-term commitments or contracts with their carrier.


In conclusion, the iPhone 13 is a highly-anticipated and powerful device, but the cost is definitely something to consider before making a purchase. By understanding the official prices and factors that can impact the cost and available alternatives, buyers can make an informed decision on whether or not to buy iPhone 13.

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