How to Get Google Play On iPhone

The Google Play Store is a great source of apps and content, but unfortunately, it only works on Android phones and tablets. There’s no official way to get the Google Play Store on an iPhone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t access it. With a few clever workarounds, you can download the Google Play Store to your iPhone and gain access to the entire Google Play library.

The processes require some dedication and a few extra steps, but it is worth it for users who want the experience on their phones. Below, we’ve outlined some best methods to get the Google Play Store on your iPhone:

How to Get Google Play On iPhone

Different operating systems

Google Play is specifically designed to work in harmony with Android, Google’s mobile operating system. On the contrary, iPhones operate on Apple’s iOS platform; therefore, no official method exists for installing Google Play onto an iPhone.

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Google and Apple are major competitors in the tech industry, and their respective app stores are a key part of their businesses. Google Play is designed to be used on Android devices, while the App Store is designed to be used on iPhones. By not allowing Google Play to be installed on iPhones, Apple is essentially protecting its own app store and preventing users from accessing a competing service.


Security concerns

Installing third-party apps on an iPhone can be risky, as there is no way to verify the safety and security of these apps. Apple enforces rigorous standards for their App Store to guarantee that apps submitted adhere to superior quality and security protocol. Allowing Google Play to be installed on iPhones could compromise the device’s security by opening it up to potentially malicious apps.


Due to the fragmented nature of Android devices, it’s a more daunting task for developers to create apps that can perform adequately on every device. iPhones are comparatively easier as they offer consistent technologies, enabling developers to easily assemble applications across all models.

This could be another reason why Google has not made Google Play available for iPhones, as it may be difficult to ensure that all Android apps would work correctly on iOS devices.

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Two Ways to Get Google Play On iPhone

Here are two of the most popular ways to get Google Play on your iPhone:

Method 1: Download an Android Emulator or Simulator for iPhone

The first and most reliable way of accessing the Google Play Store is by downloading an Android emulator. An Android emulator is an app that enables you to operate the Android os on any other OS, such as iOS. Once installed, you can access Google Play Store content.

Although there are a bunch of options to select from, like iAndroid, you can’t go wrong. This Android emulator for iOS is the most widely-used one and provides a vast array of features that make it indispensable if you want full access to the Play Store. Even though navigating at first may feel overwhelming, once you get going its incredible potential will be revealed!

To begin, download and install the desired emulator. Afterwards, find and install the Play Store app. Sign in with your Google account to open up a world of entertainment! Now you can enjoy all that the store has to offer.

Method 2: Using Google Play Movies & TV

If you just need access to Google Play Movies & TV, there is an easier way. Google has made it possible for iPhone users to access the service’s library without having to download an emulator.

To do this, you will need to install the official Google Play Movies & TV app from the App Store. Once done, start it and sign in with your Google ID. You can now access the content available in the library.

Here is the list of Google Play Services you can access with your iPhone:

• Google Play Movies & TV: It allows you to rent or buy movies and TV shows.

• Google Play Books: It permits you to buy and read ebooks from the Play Store.

• Google Play Music: It authorises you to stream music from the store.

Note that these services are mostly paid, so you must set up an accurate payment method.

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Although installing Google Play on an iPhone is impossible, it is still possible to access some of its content. Using an Android emulator or the official Google Play Movies & TV app, you can access a wide range of services offered by the store. We hope this write-up assisted you in understanding how to access Google Play on your iPhone.

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