How to Find Apple Watch if Dead

Apple Watches are a popular gadget, and as such, they can be quite expensive. If your Apple Watch is lost, you will want to discover it as shortly as imaginable. Losing your Apple Watch can be a formidable occasion. Thankfully, there are ways to locate your watch if it goes missing.

This write-up will exhibit how to find a lost Apple watch even if it is dead. Let’s begin!

How To Find A Dead Apple Watch?

The best way to find a dead Watch is probably to use the Find My app on your iDevice like iPhone or iPad. In case you dont know, the Find My app is a built-in app on your iPhone that allows you to track down any of your Apple devices. All you need is the iCloud password associated with the device.

To find your Watch using the Find My app, “Offline Finding” or “Find My Network” inside of the app needs to be enabled for your Watch. Another feature that must be switched on is “Send Last Location”. When these features are toggled on, your iPhone or iPad should assist you in finding the location of your Watch, even if it’s turned off or dead.

To track down your Watch through the Find My app:

1. Open the Find My app on your device. Login through the info if prompted.


2. Tap on the Devices tab.

3. A map popup map will appear. You will also see all the Find My feature-enabled devices.

4. If your Apple watch is switched off or dead, you will find it on the map with a blank display.

5. Now tap on the Watch to get more information about it. You can obtain guidance for walking or driving to the Watch’s location.

If the iPhone is turned off but offline, you can still play a sound on the Watch so that you can locate it. Simply press the “Play Sound” option. This could be useful if the Watch is in silent mode or if it is misplaced somewhere in your house.

If the iPhone is dead or switched off, you can click “Notify When Found”. This will send you an email or push notification as soon as the Watch connects to the internet.

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How to Locate the Device from the Computer?

If you cannot track down the Watch using your iPad or iPhone, this part is for you. You can employ a computer to do so. Go to iCloud’s Find Page on your PC and log in with your ID and password.

Once you’re logged in, select “Devices”. Select your Watch from the list of devices in the popup map. You can make use of the location on the map to get directions to the Watch.

How Do I Find Lost Apple Watch From Someone Else’s Phone?

If you have misplaced your Watch and dont have your iPhone with you, then someone else with an iPhone or iPad can help you track it down. The only thing you require is the credentials of iCloud associated with the Watch.

The procedure is identical to the one given above. The other person just needs to open the Find My app on their device and follow these steps:

1. Click “Help a Friend” after opening the app.

2. Enter the Apple ID and password associated with the lost Watch.

3. Once the credentials are verified, use the on-screen instructions to help locate the Watch.

Marking Apple Watch As Lost

There is a “Mark As Lost” option in the Find My app that can be used if you’re sure that your Watch is lost and you will not be able to find it. This feature permits you to remotely lock the Watch so that no one else can use it or access your data. You can also show a message on the screen in case someone discovers it and like to return it.

To mark Watch as lost, go to the Find My app and follow these steps:

1. Click on the Devices tab.

2. Select your Watch from the list. Then swipe up.

3. A new menu will appear with several options. Click on “Mark As Lost”.

4. Click “Activate” to confirm.

5. Now, you can show a phone number and note that will be exhibited on the screen.

Note that the Find My app will only work when you have the feature enabled for your Apple watch. If you had not set it up before losing the Watch, there is no way to track it down.

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The Find My app is a great way to locate your lost Apple Watch. The process is pretty straightforward, and it does not need any particular skills or proficiency. Just make sure that you have the feature enabled for your Watch before losing it. If you have any queries or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below!

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