here’s Xiaomi MIUI 13 Compatible Devices list, Download Links

MIUI 13: Features, Rollout Schedule, Download Links and more from Xiaomi’s latest Android skin

After the official announcement two days ago that the Xiaomi Mi 12 series will be released on December 28, today Xiaomi MIUI 13 officially brought another big news. Also on December 28, Xiaomi’s latest mobile phone system MIUI 13 will be released simultaneously . At the same time, the official and Xiaomi’s “image spokesperson” Lei Jun also brought you a preliminary introduction to MIUI 13, and answered your concerns.

The first is the first model of MIUI 13, which is naturally the Xiaomi Mi 12 series released on the same day. In terms of improvement, MIUI 13 has made great improvements for the smoothness that users are most concerned about. MIUI 13 will be based on the latest Android 12. The system grinds the bottom layer.

here's Xiaomi MIUI 13 Compatible Devices list, Download Links

What’s New MIUI 13 Features?

New MIUI 13 Features

Hardware power consumption can be intelligently adjusted to maximize performance while minimizing power consumption. Coupled with Focus Computing 2.0 + liquid storage + atomic memory, after 36 months of continuous use, the phone’s read and write performance decays by less than 5%. Lei Jun also released a questionnaire.

MIUI 13 Compatible Supported Devices list

here’s Xiaomi MIUI 13 Compatible Supported Devices list:


Thanks to the breakthrough in the underlying core technology of the operating system, compared with the enhanced version of MIUI 12.5, the fluency of MIUI 13 has increased by 15%~52%, the fluency of system applications has increased by 20%~26%, and the frame rate of multiple high-frequency usage scenarios has dropped. down more than 90%. And in order to achieve a more stable operation, this time MIUI 13 has carried out a deep running-in on the system hardware of the mobile phone Xiaomi MIUI 13 Compatible Devices list.

  1. Mi 11 Ultra
  2. Mi 11
  3. Mi 11i
  4. Mi 11 Lite 5G
  5. Mi 11 Lite
  6. Xiaomi 11T Pro
  7. Xiaomi 11T
  8. Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE
  9. Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G
  10. Redmi Note 11 Pro
  11. Redmi Note 11S
  12. Redmi Note 11
  13. Redmi Note 10 Pro
  14. Redmi Note 10
  15. Redmi Note 10 JE
  16. Redmi Note 8 (2021)
  17. Redmi 10
  18. Xiaomi Pad 5

Download Links MIUI 13 Fastboot or Recovery ROM

Ask netizens what to expect from the next-generation MIUI 13. But considering that MIUI 13 has been basically completed, or “MIUI 13 Download Links” it is expected that several areas given by him are the directions that Xiaomi engineers are already working on, and may even be completed. Lei Jun believes that Xiaomi MIUI 13 is the first choice to be smooth, not stuck, but good-looking and easy-to-use interaction, enhancing privacy and security.

More new features, fewer bugs, and faster bug fixes are also very important aspects. Interestingly, Lei Jun put the bugs less and repairing bugs faster as the last item. It also implies that the bugs of MIUI 13 may be very few after ensuring the first few highlights, and they will not overturn like this year.

Judging from the choices of tens of thousands of fans, MIUI 13 should first ensure smoothness and no stuck, followed by BUG problems. It seems that Xiaomi is still confident in Xiaomi’s new generation of MIUI, which is worth looking forward to. Previously, the Xiaomi PR manager said that MIUI 13 will be packaged in these two days. In addition to the first equipped model Mi 12 series, Mi 11 and Mi 10 series are also expected to wait for the upgrade as soon as possible!


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