WhatsApp will allow you to delete messages after two days

WhatsApp announced this week that it will allow users to delete messages in the app after just over two days. Before that, the deadline was one hour, eight minutes, and 16 seconds. WABetaInfo, a site specializing in the messaging application, points out that the new limit is two days and 12 hours. This new feature has been speculated since February. In addition, other functions have been added to the platform.┬áChanges had been under test since the beginning of last month. You can now hide the “online” signage that appears on users when they are accessing the app. Another feature, which was already suggested by users, is the possibility of leaving a group without any kind of notification, a kind of french exit. From now on, the notice that someone has left the collective conversation will only be sent to the administrators of the groups.

Another new feature is blocking screenshots, so-called “prints”, in single-view messages of photos and videos. The measure promotes another layer of security for users who want to share instant content that is not stored or available to senders. The new functions will be released gradually to all users by the end of the month. All changes will be made automatically by updating the application. However, to remove the status of “online” it is necessary to configure the device. Before, the warning would appear for all contacts, but now you can restrict who can or can’t check the status.

Below are the instructions for enabling this new feature:

  • Before you proceed with the setup, make sure that your app is properly updated in the Google Play Store or App Store;
  • Open Whatsapp and select the “Account” icon in the Settings tab (flagged with a gear);
  • Next, select the “Privacy” icon;
  • Select the “Last and Online View” option;
  • Now choose from the following options of who can view the “last seen”, the options are “All”, “My contacts”, “My contacts, except…” and “Nobody”;
  • Also choose, among the same options, who can view the status “online”;
  • If you choose to hide the “online” and “last seen”, you will also not be able to view this information in other users’ accounts.


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