Unc0ver will NEVER EXPIRE using THIS Method (Fugu iOS 14.3)

After launching Unc0ver will NEVER EXPIRE using THIS Method (Fugu iOS 14.3) or AltServer v1.4.7 this week with Apple’s support for the new iOS & iPadOS 15.1 and macOS 12 Monterey mobile and desktop applications, project developer Riley Testut tonight released an update to AltStore – the app for iOS and iPadOS compatible with AltServer to create. a side-by-side download experience of seamless apps for iPhone and iPad users.

The latest version of AltStore, called version 1.4.8, is now available to all users with official unc0ver jailbreak official support.

with the support of Fugu14 untether. Specifically, AltStore will guide users through the process of installing both the unc0ver jailbreak app and the Fugu14 untether so that those with compatible devices can take full advantage of the unbreakable jailbreak experience.

In the screenshot examples below, you can see what that process will look like. Specifically, AltStore encourages the user to install Fugu14 untether, which means that the unc0ver jailbreak will not be detected and will not expire, even after 7 days or after rebooting the device.

The user gets the choice between installing an uninstalled jailbreak or continuing without jailbreaking it. If they opt for the unlocked jailbreak option, AltStore will perform a few additional steps, such as amending the unc0ver proxy and installing the unc0ver proxy.

Unc0Ver Will Never Expire Using This Method (Fugu Ios 14.3)

As noted in our post of official reviews of unc0ver v7.0.1 and the updated version of Fugu14 not included with stability enhancements, the untether is currently intended for arm64e devices only (iPhone XS and later) running iOS or iPadOS 14.3-14.5 .1.

Since AltStore and AltServer are two separate applications, it is fair to say that today’s update (v1.4.8) is for AltStore app for iPhone and iPad only. The latest version of AltServer app for macOS and Windows continues to be v1.4.7 at the time of writing.

Have you updated to the latest version of AltServer and AltStore to take advantage of unc0ver and Fugu14? Share with us why or why not in the comments section down below!

Unc0ver will NEVER EXPIRE using THIS Method! [Fugu iOS 14.3]

Unc0ver will NEVER EXPIRE using THIS Method (Fugu iOS 14.3) or Unc0ver jailbreak can be used separately on other devices running iOS or iPadOS 11.0-14.3, however Fugu14 will not be able to detect those phones until it receives an update with support for arm64 devices and additional iOS versions. and iPadOS. There is currently no ETA for that time, but jailbreak developers are already looking into the possibility.

Additionally, it should be noted that unc0ver jailbreak cannot be used to crack jailbreak arm64 devices (iPhone X and above) running iOS 14.4-14.5.1. Checkra1n jailbreak, on the other hand, can. It should therefore be interesting to see if the checkra1n team plans to add support for Fugu14 untether to future updates or not.

Altstore download: https://altstore.io

Go to unc0ver’s website on your iOS device: https://unc0ver.dev

IMPORTANT: It’s important to remember that although there is an Unc0ver jailbreak out for it, Fugu is NOT compatible with iOS 14.6-14.8.

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