The Top macOS Functionalities you Cannot Ignore

With yearly macOS updates, Apple focuses on functionality. The objective is to make the computer for you to improve productivity and streamline your workflow. 

Below are the top macOS functionalities and features you might need to know. Take a look. 

Multi-task like a Pro with Stage Manager 

Multi-tasking is not a piece of cake. As a result, you may find yourself drowning in windows. This is where Stage Manager comes in handy. But you can use this feature if you are running macOS Ventura. 

Stage Manager focuses on streamlining multi-tasking. Therefore, the primary window is displayed in the center of the screen, and the other active app windows appear as thumbnails on the left of the screen. 

You will get an overview of the active windows you are working on and switch the windows with a click. You can even group the windows in the sidebar to make swapping fuss-free. 

Drag and Drop Items across macOS

No need to waste time copying and pasting items across macOS or moving content from one application to another. From rearranging files to moving them, you can achieve tasks quickly by mastering drag-and-drop. Learn more by visiting https://setapp.com/how-to/drag-and-drop-on-mac


Transfer Calls With Handoff 

Handoff is a nifty and straightforward tool. You can start a task in a compatible application on any of your Apple devices and transfer it to another. If you have upgraded to Ventura, the feature can be used effortlessly with FaceTime. 

You can start a video call on FaceTime on your iPhone and transfer the call to your Mac without interruptions. So there’s no need to hang up and dial back but switch devices with a click. 

Remove Distractions with Focus 

Mac’s Focus feature helps minimize distractions by tweaking the notification settings according to different tasks. Also, the settings sync across Apple devices. 

You can automate and schedule different Focus modes for your tasks. For example, you can set Focus modes for working out, swimming, driving, sleeping, and working. In addition, the feature will let others know you are trying to focus and will disable distractions. 

Use your iPhone’s Camera as the Webcam with Continuity Camera 

Mac webcams are improving, but they are incomparable to iPhone cameras. If you want high-end camera quality, you can use your iPhone’s camera as the webcam for your Mac. This feature will only work if you are running macOS Ventura. 

The feature is Continuity Camera, allowing you to pair your iPhone wirelessly with your MacBook. You can get a mobile mount to attach your phone to your laptop’s lid. Then, you can leverage other functions like Center Stage framing, Studio Light, and Portrait mode. 

If you want to create demo videos, you can use the Desk View feature, which allows you to shoot a view of the workspace using the phone’s ultra-wide camera. 

Master Spotlight Search 

Spotlight search is one of the most well-loved and underrated features in macOS. Its user-friendliness and broad scope make it the most popular functionality in a MacBook. 

Spotlight allows users to quickly lookup apps and files on their Mac, perform unit conversions and calculations, etc. You can launch Spotlight by pressing Command + Spacebar. 

Let the Corners of the Screen Accomplish Tasks With Hot Corners 

Hot Corners is another excellent macOS functionality that turns the screen’s four corners into trigger points. So when the mouse cursor is moved into each corner, the device automatically performs specific actions. The feature can be set up by going to the System Preferences app > Desktop & Screen Saver > clicking Hot Corners. 

Then, you will get several options from which you can select the actions you want to assign to each of the screen’s four corners. For example, some actions include opening the Launchpad, showing desktop triggers, locking the screen, or going to Mission Control. 

Depending on how you set up the feature, it can save you energy and time. 

Take Screenshots 

Apple’s screenshot feature is powerful and can come in handy for remote workers. Screenshots make it easier to collaborate with remote team members and explain tutorials instead of writing lengthy emails. Moreover, you can discuss a specific problem you are facing with your device with the IT department by showing them screenshots. 

The screenshot feature lets you capture the full screen, a selected area, or an active window. Also, you can create screen recordings. The screenshots are automatically saved to the desktop unless you change the save location. So you can easily find the captured images and recordings. Then, you can edit and annotate them before sharing them. 

Final Thoughts 

You must pay attention to the abovementioned functionalities to get the most out of your MacBook. They aim to enhance productivity and improve the user experience. But first, you must update your Mac to the latest OS version to use all the features. 

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