Apple just Releases Safari Technology Preview 138 With Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

Apple today released a new update to Safari Technology Preview, an experimental browser Apple launched iOS 15.3 or RC for the first time in March 2016. Apple re-designed Safari Technology Preview preview to test features that own could be introduced in future versions of Safari.

The release of Safari Technology Preview 138 includes bug fixes and performance improvements for Web Inspector, CSS, Experimental Model Element, Media, Web Animation, WebAuthn, SVG, Web API, Service Workers, WebRTC, WebAssembly, and web extensions.

The current release of Safari Technology is based on the Safari 15.4 update and includes features of Safari 15 introduced in macOS Monterey.

Safari is the best way to get internet on all your Apple devices. It offers solid customization options, powerful privacy protection, and industry-leading battery life – so you can browse the way you like, if you like. And when it comes to speed, the fastest or smooth browser in the world.

With its powerful JavaScript engine, Safari is the fastest browser in the world.1 Designed to work specifically for Apple devices, so it aims to make the most of your battery life and bring lasting power. And with Apple silicon, it’s much faster than before.

Safari’s preview technology is available with the System Preferences software for anyone downloading the browser. Full details of the release are available on the Safari Technology Preview official website.


Apple’s goal with Safari Technology is to gather feedback from developers and users through the process of upgrading its browser. Safari Technology preview can work from side to side with the existing Safari browser and while it is designed for developers, it does not require the developer account to be downloaded.


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