PS5 Jailbreak News PS5 4.03 Firmware News Update

Three hackers have used the file system bug to hack PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 Jailbreak News PS5 4.03 Firmware News Update in the near future. As Kotaku reports, the new exploitation allows any PS4 console using the 9.00 firmware version to generate incorrect code and make changes to the kernel.

This paves the way for homebrew game development and the use of criminal copies of PS4 games. We should also expect more game emulators from PS4.

PS5 Jailbreak News PS5 4.03 Firmware News Update

To break the PS4 in jail using this new method, called “pOOBs4,” a specially formatted USB drive is required to connect to the console “in real time.” An .img file for USB drive made available for free on GitHub.

The tweet below includes a video of the custom firmware running on PS4 as proof that it works:

Following the suggestion of the Veteran Zecoxao incident, developer ZnullPtr shared a screenshot that appears to indicate that “something big” is coming with the PS5. We may soon have our first ever Jailbreak of the latest Sony console.


PS5 Jailbreak, story so far

ZnullPtr is one of the people following the latest PS4 Jailbreak. At the time of Jailbreak’s release, ZNullPtr had said the exploits were compatible with the PS5, but still had to be fully armed.

With the compatible Kernel exploit, and Webkit exploitation also working on the PS5, we mentally have all the tools needed to fully exploit the PS5, using exactly the same tools ever used on the PS4, as we just explained.

It is easier said than done. When someone is working for the first console, he walks in the dark, trying to find the inner workings of the console while at the same time trying to break it down.

What was shared on that PS5 jailbreak exploitation?

Currently, only “tips” are shared, especially Zecoxao and ZNultPtr. Zecoxao said “something up to 4.03 ps5”.

ZNullPtr, finally, shared an awesome screenshot a few hours ago:

PS5 Jailbreak. What’s next?

the most important thing points to the exploitation of the PS4 is that it can be successfully reused on the PS5. It is noted in the tweets that this will be for PS5 Firmware 4.03. Any of the above may have been written by Sony, meaning that only those who have been patient enough not to update their PS5, will be able to reap the benefits of the PS5 Jailbreak.

As for the release… yes, often, nothing has been clearly stated yet, so we will have to wait and see. Stay tuned!

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