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Can’t Receive Gmail’s Verification Code? Here’s Easy to fix Not Receiving Gmail’s Verification Code

On this post i will guide with you Can’t Receive Gmail’s Verification Code? Here’s Easy to fix Not Receiving Gmail’s Verification Code? If you are a regular Gmail user, you should be aware of how annoying it is when you do not receive verification codes in Gmail even after pressing the ‘Reset Code’ button. This is one of the most common issues reported by many Gmail users when logging in to their account or resetting their password.

Can't Receive Gmail's Verification Code Here's Easy to fix Not Receiving Gmail's Verification Code
Can’t Receive Gmail’s Verification Code? Here’s Easy to fix Not Receiving Gmail’s Verification Code

Can’t Receive Gmail’s Verification Code?

Gmail verification codes are required during various situations such as:

  1. If you activate 2-step verification and use a new or unknown device to sign in to your Gmail account.
  2. If you want to restore your Gmail account by resetting the password:
  • Using your alternate email address
  • Using your phone number

Case: 1. If you do not receive G-2 verification verification code

A 2-step verification code is required if you have enabled this security feature in your Gmail account, and you are trying to access your account using a new device; as a security measure, it asks you to enter the code sent to your Google phone number in addition to your password. For more information on Gmail 2-Step Verification, read this blog – All About 2-Step Verification for Gmail.

Here are some situations you may face: You have activated 2-step verification for your Gmail account using your existing phone number, and you have now changed your mobile device and your phone number. And now when you try to sign in to your Gmail account, it asks for a verification code sent to your phone number. But you can’t provide them with code, as the phone number you used for 2-step verification is no longer available.

OR; Another scenario is when you can access your phone number, but you Can’t Receive Gmail’s Verification Code when you log into your account with a new device.

Easy to fix Not Receiving Gmail’s Verification Code

Possible Solutions for Troubleshooting with Gmail Step 2 Verification Verification

Depending on your circumstances, you may have several options in Gmail to restore your account, as follows:

1. Log in to a Trusted Device

2-step verification code is required when you sign in to your Gmail account on a new / known device that you have never used before.

Also, if you have checked the box next to “Do not ask from this computer” again on the device, you will be allowed to sign in from that device without a second verification step.

Therefore, if you do Not Receiving Gmail’s Verification Code in text, if possible, use a device recognized by Google, and you will not be required to enter any code (only the password will work). Once you have logged into your account, do not forget to turn off 2-step verification to save yourself from this problem again.

2. Get a New Phone

If you only lost your phone and you still have your number, you can ask your carrier to transfer your phone number to a new phone or SIM card. This way, you can get a verification code from your Google phone number to get back into your Gmail account.

3. Use Backup Copy Options

If you have lost your primary phone number and cannot enter a 2-step verification code, here are some options to choose from depending on the information provided to Google:

  • If you already have another device or phone that you have already signed in to your Gmail account, you can use that to turn off 2-step verification and sign in to your new device.
  • If you added another phone number in the 2-step verification section to your Gmail account, you can use it to verify.
  • If you have previously saved backup codes, you can sign in using that instead of the Google 2-step verification code. If you have lost your phone number or have not received verification code documents from Google by text, voice call, or Google Authenticator, you can use backup codes to sign in. For more information about backup codes, visit this link-
  • You can also use the 2-step verification authentication key for more information, read

4. Gmail Does Not Send Verification Code

I researched some of the reasons why there was a delay in receiving the verification code or why users did not receive the code at all from Gmail, here is what I found in the official sources: –

  • Make sure you have an active Internet connection when trying to access your codes.
  • If you are expecting a text message with a verification code on your phone, make sure that your mobile device and service plan support the text message delivery. Also, delivery speed may vary due to location and service provider.
  • If Google notices any change in your sign-in location, your location, you may not receive a verification code in that case.
  • Sometimes you can also get Google information instead of code verification messages. In the case of Google Notification, you must tap notification on your phone to confirm that you are the one trying to sign in; in that case, you will not need to enter any code. You can find Google information on any Android phone where you are logged into your Gmail account.

5. Try Again Later

You can always try again if you do not receive any codes from Google, even after you have done everything right. As Gmail sometimes suffers from shortages and servers, so you do not receive any verification code from your Android or iPhone device.

If you are trying to restore your Gmail account with 2-step verification enabled, you can read this blog – Restore Gmail with 2-Step Verification

Note:- If you get too many verification codes, only the latest one will work.

Case: 2. If you do not receive a Gmail verification code to reset your password

If you try to reset your Gmail account password and can’t find the code, this could be another situation. When you click on ‘Forgot Password’, you are basically provided with the following password reset options depending on the information you provided in Gmail while setting up your account:

  1. Enter the code sent to you by text or call to your phone number.
  2. Enter the code sent to you at another email address.
  3. Answer the security question you created when you created your Gmail account for the first time.
  4. Find Google Information that requires you to tap the key you find on your mobile device.

You can use any of these to restore your Gmail account in case you do not receive codes to verify yourself.

Possible Solutions to Troubleshooting with Gmail Password Reset Code

1. Check your Mobile Network or Internet

The first thing you need to make sure is that you get good signal strength when you expect a verification code from one of your email addresses.

In the event that you choose to receive text or call verification on your mobile device, check that your mobile device receives the network power required to receive text messages and messages.

2. Use Other Options

If you do not receive the code on your mobile phone by text or call, you can select the ‘Try another’ option and select your email address to complete verification or vice versa. Similarly, if you added a security question to your Gmail account, reply that and reset your password instead of waiting for recovery codes.

3. Check that Gmail is Low

You may not receive codes in Gmail if the servers are down. Check that Gmail is experiencing any interruptions as this may be one of the reasons why you do not receive a verification code from Google on your phone or email address. If your internet connection works and you have provided the right information, it means that Gmail is experiencing some problems. If so, you can wait a while and try again later.

Similarly, if you do not receive the codes in Gmail at any other time, you can try to follow all the tips provided in this guide. Hopefully, all of these tips will help you fix problems because you don’t get verification codes from Gmail.

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