Nintendo Wii U in 2021 – Retrospective Review

Nintendo Wii U in 2021 – Retrospective Review

The Nintendo Wii U in 2021 was a failure of immense degree – achieving the status of lowest selling home console from Nintendo besides the Virtual Boy. But that doesn’t mean it was bad, and in 2021 it may just be more impressive than you’d expect. I got my Wii U… in 2021… Now keep one thing in mind; I got my Switch prior to getting my Wii U for pretty surprisingly cheap… + the cost of the games I was getting along with it.

My original intent with the system was just to get the games that were permanently stuck in the platform no matter what time tells. Splatoon, Nintendo Wii U in 2021 – Retrospective Review, Nintendo Land, and Smash 4 were among the most obvious that will never see a rerelease. Where I was going from there was a mystery that didn’t last. 2021 marked many anniversaries; The Legend of Zelda and the Nintendo 64 were the most I was anticipating. It would’ve made Nintendo a big no-brainer not to have any massive marketing campaigns for them. Unfortunately, Nintendo became a no-brainer…

Zelda’s 35th anniversary was lackluster as crap and Nintendo did not make the Classic Mini version for the N64 the same way it did for NES and SNES before it. Instead, N64 was released behind a $50 annual paywall in an online service beyond repair (with emulation problems). My point being is that I lost my patience and downloaded 18 out of the 21 N64 titles made available for Wii U and downloaded both Zelda Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD (TP HD still needs to be fixed). Another reason I got the Wii U was to play Splatoon for the first time WITHOUT spending $20 a year for an online service with no dedicated servers.

The Wii U had potential that was not delivered from the very get-go. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, had potential that hasn’t got delivered by the very end of its lifespan very soon. And we’ve reached the point in the where there’s just no point of having another Switch revision. Nintendo Wii U in 2021 – Retrospective Review? The next-gen console will most likely carry on the Switch brand, but the marketing must be done right to avoid confusion. All in all, the Wii U’s existence is as justified as the Switch’s. Wasted potential on both ends… both could’ve been more than what the Wii U was and what the Switch is now…

I had the Wii and Wii U,and the Wii U is as amazing as its older sibling. Even tho,it don’t get the love it deserves. It has amazing games,Nintendo Wii U in 2021 – Retrospective Review, Virtual Console and more. Nintendo Wii U in 2021 – Retrospective Review? The Wii U is a console I love,and has features that the Switch lacks.

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0:00 – Introduction
1:13 – Fantastical Failure
11:49 – Undeniable Upgrade
21:40 – Tantalizing Titles
35:33 – Painstaking Prolongation
48:50 – Persisting Pertinence

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