MacBook Air 2022 Release Date and Price? M2 Specs Revealed!

The NEW MacBook Air 2022 M2 Chipset Specs have been Revealed! Today lets go over those specs and what performance increase we can expect over the current M1 Chipset!

We were impressed with the 1.1GHz MacBook Air Apple launched in March 2020, and then Apple released that on the water with the M1 MacBook Air in November 2020. But November 2020 is now more than a year ago so thoughts turn to the next. MacBook Air, which we can expect and when it will arrive.

MacBook Air 2022 Release Date and Price M2 Specs Revealed!

The good news is that obviously there is a new look for MacBook Air 2022 in the works and Apple is planning a colorful redesign to get started. The bad news is that we may have to wait a long time for it to start.

According to Mark Gurman of Bloomberg (who seems to be able to access excellent sources) Apple is developing a “smaller and simpler version of the MacBook Air”. This new MacBook Air will obviously no longer have the iconic design it is famous for. In fact, it may not even be called the MacBook Air, Apple may bring back the MacBook.

And the leak from Jon Prosser suggests that this new Mac laptop will come in a variety of colors – like the 24in iMac. Prosser has found some funny pictures of what they might look like – and six months after the photos were released he has updated them to include the notch and MagSafe ports seen on the 2021 14in MacBook Pro. We have more on the new MacBook Air build below.



Today we also have the LATEST DETAILS about the M2 Chipset and the New Design, plus Specs for the NEW M2 MacBook Air 2022 in Todays Video!
We also have other details including the Apple MacBook Air 2022 Release Date and Price!



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