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How to Get New Live Subtitles on Your FaceTime Calls

Ever wanted live footage during your FaceTime calls? Navi, New Live Subtitles on Your FaceTime Calls, a FaceTime compatible app, lets you add to your iPhone, iPad, and Mac, too. The app cleverly uses Apple’s SharePlay feature to show you live footage during your video calls with your friends, another good reason to use FaceTime.

For people with hearing impairments, live subtitles during calls can be a game changer. Similarly, people who find it difficult to follow spoken English (such as non-native English speakers) will find this subtitle feature very useful. We tried using Navi to call our friends and found that the app works well on iPhone and Mac.

How to Create Live Subtitles during FaceTime calls

To get started, open Navi and make a FaceTime sound or video call. On Mac, you can click the caption icon on FaceTime to enable Navi subtitles. On the iPhone, you can use SharePlay to do more with Navi. Remember that you need to upgrade to iOS 15.1 or newer versions in order to use SharePlay.


The text level is quite good as long as you use common English phrases and do not mix languages. That makes it good enough for most people. Non-native English speakers may realize that their pronunciation reduces the accuracy of Navi subtitles, but it will still be good enough to be useful.

Subtitles on Your FaceTime Calls

The app is free to download and its live caption feature was free to use at the time of writing, but that may change over time. We could not check the Live Subtitles on Your FaceTime Calls translation feature on any friends or family members who speak any of the non-English languages ​​supported by Navi, but you can take a look and see if it is worth talking to your international friends. It is good to remember that Navi only translates subtitles into your preferred language, so it is not like the Universal Translator from Star Trek.

Live translation is a paid feature of Navi, which costs $ 3.99 for up to 100,000 characters and $ 14.99 for up to 250,000 characters. You can purchase additional translation tokens if you exceed these character limits.

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