Everything new iOS 16 Supported Devices, Leaked Features & Release Date!

With iOS 16 less than 5 months away from being unveiled at Apple’s annual WWDC conference, we take a crack at predicting what devices will be supported, some leaked/rumored new features, and of course, the iOS 16 release date.

The big question mark last year was whether or not the iPhone 6S and iPhone SE would be supported on iOS 15 and even though rumors said it wouldn’t happen, it did. All devices supported with iOS 14 were supported with iOS 15. So, could the same thing happen again this year? Possibly, but I don’t think so. In this video, we explain why, along with discussing features and the release date.

Which iPhones will get iOS 16? iOS 16 Release Date, Leaked Features & Device Support

Everything new iOS 16

After seeing the release of iOS 15 and the next series of iPhone 13, we are in the midst of .1 updates that slightly modify the features we have been seeing since June, including iOS 15.2 and upcoming iOS 15.3.

That doesn’t stop us from thinking about what might be in the next version of iOS, however, which we expect to be called iOS 16.

Every iOS release has brought a great feature to the table, whether it be widgets or black mode. But iOS can still benefit from some newer versions to better manage your daily iPhone usage.


iOS 16 Leaked Features

  • Redesigned Camera app
  • QuickNote to iPhone
  • Home Automation widgets
  • Air apps
  • Better theme options

iOS 16 Supported Devices

Apple is trying to support different types of iPhone in all new iOS releases. iOS 15 supported the iPhone 6S at least, apple released in 2015.

A premature leak suggests – surprisingly – that the iPhone 6S (along with the original iPhone 6S Plus and iPhone SE) won’t get iOS 16, but everything from the iPhone 7 onwards.

It will not be long before you expect the support of the iOS 16 series for the iPhone 7 at least, but with some features that may be missed, mainly due to the limitations of the camera hardware, or the chip within certain iPhone models.

Every iOS release comes with a big feature, but also a lot of small improvements across the board. If you still have an iPhone 8 for example, you can get the benefits of some smaller features on iOS 16 when it comes. But you will probably miss the big feature that Apple will show.

iOS 16 Release Date

Apple has followed a traditional plan to announce the latest iOS update in June at WWDC, followed by the release in September.

With iOS 15.2 available, Apple has focused on releasing key features in all .1 updates. Years ago, we saw a trackpad coming out of iOS 13.4, next to ProRes on iOS 15.1 in October last year.

It will not be long before we expect iOS 15.7 when we see iOS 16 with key features on both your iPhones and iPads.


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