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On January 10th, following the events of the pro-Trump riot at the US Capitol, Amazon Web Services terminated its hosting services for the conservative social media platform, Parler. The platform, which had previously attracted over 12 million users, found itself unable to secure hosting with any of the six other web hosting providers it approached after being dropped by Amazon. It appeared that Parler would no longer be accessible on the web.

Los Angeles-based web hosting company, SkySilk, has recently made headlines for its decision to host the controversial social media platform, Parler, which was previously dropped by Amazon Web Services and unable to secure hosting with any of the six other providers it approached.

In an interview, SkySilk CEO Kevin Matossian stated that the decision was not made as a means of entering the national debate on online speech, but rather as a way to challenge tech giants like Amazon who, according to Matossian, abuse their power. The move has brought Parler back online in the past month.

“In a recent interview, SkySilk CEO Kevin Matossian posed the question: ‘Is the power wielded by Big Tech more dangerous than the hate and vitriol found on certain parts of the internet?’ Matossian went on to express his belief that the ‘unchecked power’ of big technology companies is ‘equally frightening,’ and that SkySilk decided to host the controversial social media platform, Parler, as a way to challenge this perceived overreach.

Amazon’s decision to terminate its hosting services for Parler in January was motivated by concerns over public safety, as the social media platform was found to be allowing content that “encouraged or incited violence against others” in the aftermath of the Capitol riot.

While social media platforms have often been the focus of discussions about the negative consequences of unregulated online speech, tech companies that provide the infrastructure for these platforms, such as web hosting and website registration, hold significant power as gatekeepers. Companies like SkySilk and Seattle-based Epik have the ability to decide the existence or non-existence of websites, including those with millions of users.


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