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How to Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs [2009-2015]

Here's Some steps for Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs [2009-2015].

On this post i will guide with you How to Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs [2009-2015]? Did you know that you could install Chrome OS on your old 2009-2015 unsupported Mac? This is just another option along with OpenCore Legacy Patcher + Big Sur or Monterey or Windows 10 or Windows 11 to keep your old Mac running and secure!!! This video is a step-by-step guide on how to install Chrome OS Flex on your Mac! UPDATES & CHAPTERS BELOW!

Try the original, fast, easy-to-manage, and secure Chrome OS for PCs and Macs. Chrome OS Flex is a free and continuous way to customize your existing devices. It’s easy to use on all your ships or just try to see what the first OS of the cloud will offer you.

How does this work

How to Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs [2009-2015]

USB Drive is all you need to enjoy Chrome OS Flex on your PC or Mac. It only takes a few minutes to set up, and we’ll get you through it.

How to install Chrome OS Flex on your PC or Mac?

Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs

Now what happens to that hardware when Windows 10 runs? Windows 11 is running on hardware that is not supported install Chrome OS Flex on your PC or Mac by a single possible solution, but we do not know how long Microsoft will allow users to Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs, use, and update Windows 11 on older PCs. The company may terminate these computer security updates tomorrow, or may allow them to use the new OS permanently. That uncertainty is hard to plan around.

here some steps to Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs [2009-2015]:


  • Create a bootable Chrome OS Flex USB drive to try Chrome OS Flex before installing it.


  • When you are ready, install Chrome OS Flex on your PC or Mac to configure your operating system.


  • Use Chrome OS Flex on additional devices in your organization via USB drive or network usage.

When to consider Chrome OS Flex

  • Whether you are just learning about Chrome OS or want to speed up the deployment of your first OS, Chrome OS Flex makes it easier than ever.
  • Try to easily use a modern computer with cloud-based management on existing devices. Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs now and enjoy the benefits of Chrome OS for Macs or PCs.
  • Reduce e-waste and extend the life of your existing devices by replacing them with a modern OS.

Use the first cloud OS on intentionally built-in computer platforms to detect special usage situations such as keyos or digital symbols.

Chrome Enterprise Upgrade unlocks the built-in business capabilities of Chrome OS Flex devices. Use Chrome Enterprise Upgrade to protect and manage them next to Chromebooks in the cloud-based Google Administrator console.

What’s benefits of Google Chrome OS Flex?

Improved security: Wipe remotely or block devices and enable login restrictions to ensure that data stays in the right hands.

Manage updates: Choose to issue updates gradually or automatically with the additional long-term support channel option.

Granular device controls: Enable single login, anonymous login, and configure printers and WiFi networks.

Reporting and details: Download detailed reports including active 7-day metrics, OS versions, and crash reports.

Scalable, cloud-first management: Manage devices remotely from the Google Administrator console, use third-party UEM solutions, or use the Chrome Policy API to manage scales.

Install Google Chrome OS Flex on Old Macs

  • 0:00 Welcome and intro
  • 0:29 UPDATES & Chapters Section
  • 0:44 Why would you want to install Chrome OS on a Mac?
  • 1:25 What are the Mac Hardware Requirements for Chrome OS Flex?
  • 1:50 What do you need to Install Google Chrome OS Flex on a Mac?
  • 2:39 Minimum Device Requirements for Chrome OS Flex
  • 2:53 How to create a Chrome OS Flex USB Installer
  • 6:58 Chrome OS Flex lets you try out the OS running off the USB
  • 7:29 Note: have a USB installer of macOS if you want to roll back to macOS
  • 8:00 Ready to reboot the Mac to Chrome OS Installer Hold down Option key
  • 8:22 Select EFI Boot from the boot picker menu
  • 8:55 The Chrome OS Flex installer is booted – Get Started
  • 9:23 Starting the Install of Chrome OS
  • 10:17 Install is complete, the Mac must be shut down and powered back up.
  • 10:24 Powering the Mac Back on without the Chrome OS USB installer plugged in
  • 10:38 Now we are at the Chrome OS Setup Assistant Window + Process
  • 11:45 Booted to Chrome OS Flex on a 2010 Mac Mini!
  • 11:57 Checking Wifi, BlueTooth & Sound Settings
  • 12:47 Thank you!

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