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How to Fix iMessage Activation Problem iOS 15 (Facetime Activation Unsuccessful Tap Continue to try again)

There are many iOS users reporting the iMessage Activation Problem iOS 15 to the Apple community about the error of unlocking iMessage after the update of iOS 15. Most users will not use iMessage even after successfully installing iOS 15 on iPhone 13 Pro Max. IPhone 12 pro Max / 11 / XR / 11 Pro Max, XS Max, X / 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6S Plus, and iOS 15 compatible devices.

How to Fix iMessage Activation Problem iOS 15?

In the case of iMessage it does not work with the new iOS 15 with amazing features that you can use. You can diagnose iMessage with other indicators and solve the problem “iMessage is waiting to run on iOS. When the message is sent via iMessage the iPhone will show a blue bubble and if it is not then it will show a green bubble and it will call you. and “Force iMessage send as text message” message status.

The first step in diagnosing a problem with iOS 15 is to check that iMessage is not working with a particular contact and in that case the problem may be on the other side. Or else it does not work with any of the contacts then the problem on your iPhone.

Fix Imessage Activation Problem Ios 15
Fix Imessage Activation Problem Ios 15

Activating iMessage takes a lot of time and Asking when I restart my iPhone, iMessage error occurred when unlocking in simple English your iMessage will not work after iOS 15 update. Let’s see the exact fix,

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Facetime Activation Unsuccessful Tap Continue to try again iOS 15, iPadOS 15 update

You have enough balance to send a message from your iPhone to your Network Company. If not, the free international SMS service is enabled on the active CDMA or GSM network. Alternatively you can contact your Mobile Phone or Network Company in your country. Facetime Activation Unsuccessful Network-Based If your network company provides you with iMessage which will be easy to use on your Mobile number otherwise the solution to switch to another Network.
Note: If you activate Facetime Unsuccessful on your Mobile number, you will be charged a standard SMS number.

Many times Facetime Activation Unsuccessful waiting for an unlock error occurs due to Wi-Fi connection issues. So you should check your Wi-Fi network. if your phone has weak Wi-Fi, switch to Wi-Fi network and try again.
The iMessage launch failed in the iMessage Down server state due to under-care of the company. In this case, you should check Facetime Activation Unsuccessful System Status
Check, SIM Installed or Not Installed? First, check your phone number in your Phone list. If not, update your profile and phone number displayed in the Phone app as the first contact. Go to Settings in iPhone> Phone> My Number – Enter your mobile number. Go Back to save.

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