How to Watch Netflix on Facetime

Netflix and Facetime are two of the most popular apps in the world. Millions of people use Facetime every day to make video calls and Netflix to watch their favourite movies and TV shows. Unfortunately, there’s no native way to combine the two services into one experience – until now.

The integration of SharePlay in the FaceTime app makes it easier to watch your favourite media with others on FaceTime. SharePlay allows you to share movies and TV shows from streaming services, including Apple TV+, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, etc.

Unfortunately, Netflix is not currently supported by SharePlay. However, there are still workarounds that you can utilize to watch Netflix with your friends! The approaches are surprisingly easy and only require a few steps to get up and run.

Different Ways to Watch Netflix With Friends

There are quite a few ways to watch Netflix with your friends. Here are some of the most prevalent ones:

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1. Watch Netflix Together (Chrome Extension)

The easiest way to watch Netflix with friends is by using the “Watch Netflix Together” Chrome extension. Once you install the extension, simply choose a movie or TV show that you both want to watch, and a virtual private watching session will be created for you. You will get a link to send to your friends, which they can use to join the session.

The extension is equipped with many features and optimizations to ensure you have the best experience possible, such as synchronized playback, emojis and chatroom. It enables you to invite multiple friends, too!


2. Teleparty (Chrome Extension)

Teleparty, known as Netflix Party earlier, is another popular way to watch Netflix x Together. The main difference between Teleparty and Watch Netflix Together is that Teleparty supports more streaming services, including Hulu, Disney+, and HBO Max, among others.

Teleparty also offers other features, such as video and audio playback control by anyone watching the show. Creating a session and inviting friends is also very easy in this extension. Users can also create chatboxes, customize their names, and add emojis as they watch together.

3. Scener (Chrome Extension)

Scener is a free Chrome extension that enables you to watch movies, TV shows and other videos with your friends online in real time. It supports most of the popular streaming services, including Netflix, Prime, Hulu, Disney+, HBO Max and many more.

Similar to the other extensions mentioned above, Scener also offers a variety of features to assure you of a decent and optimized user experience. In addition, it enables you to chat through text or video with the people you are watching the show with.

There are both free and paid plans available, depending on what functionalities you require. In the free package, you can add up to 10 friends to watch a show together. The program also enables you to join other’s watch parties from their website, which is a great plus.

4. Kast (Desktop/Mobile App)

Kast is a dedicated application that enables you to watch videos and TV shows with your friends online. It is available for both windows and mac. There is also a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. There is also an online version which can be accessed from a browser. It enables the users to create both private and public parties.

After creating a party, one person can administrate the play through the online portal while the others can only watch. The free version enables you just to enjoy parties based on youtube videos. To enjoy other streaming services, you must upgrade your plan.

The premium plans also deliver many other amazing features, including enhanced video quality, wider screen compatibility, emojis, reaction and ad-free browsing.

5. Metastream (Online Platform)

Metastream is a website that enables you to watch streaming services with your friends online. It supports Netflix, YouTube, Twitch, Hulu and a few other popular streaming platforms. There is no need to download any sort of software to use it, although a chrome or firefox extension is required.

You can easily share the party with your friends through a simple private code. They can join the party using any of their browsers. Additional features include a chatbox and video queuing.

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Although Netflix is not available to watch through FaceTime, there are many other ways you can enjoy watching Netflix with your friends remotely. The options range from free browser extensions to premium dedicated applications. Each of them offers different features, so you can pick the one that pleasingly fits your needs. No matter what choice you make, watching a show together with friends is always a great way to relax and have a good time!

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