How to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

Screenshots are a useful tool when you want to capture an image of what’s on your Samsung tablet’s screen. Whether you want to save an important email, capture a funny meme, or document a game high score, taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet is a simple and easy process. In this article, we will walk you through the steps on how to take a screenshot on a Samsung tablet.

Steps to Screenshot on Samsung Tablet

Here are the exact  steps to take a screenshot on Samsung tablets:

Step 1: Open the Screen You Want to Capture

First, open the app or screen you want to take a screenshot of. This could be anything from your home screen to a specific app you’re using.

Step 2: Press and Hold the Power and Volume Down Buttons

Next, press and hold the Power button and the Volume Down button at the same time. Hold both buttons down for a brief period until you hear a clicking noise or see a white flash on your screen. This indicates that the screenshot has been shot.

Step 3: View the Screenshot in the Gallery App

To view the screenshot, open the Gallery app on your Samsung tablet. You can easily locate this app on your home screen or Apps tray by tapping on its icon. Once you’re in the Gallery app, you should see your latest screenshot. You can also view all of your screenshots by tapping on the “Screenshots” album in the app.

That’s it! Taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet is a quick and easy process. By following these simple steps, you can capture and save anything you want on your tablet’s screen.


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Troubleshooting Issues

Even though taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet is a simple process, there may be times when it doesn’t work as expected. Here are some common troubleshooting steps that you can try if you’re having issues with taking a screenshot:

Ensure That You’re Pressing the Correct Buttons

Make sure that you’re pressing and holding the Power button and Volume Down button at once. It’s easy to accidentally press the wrong buttons, especially if you’re new to taking screenshots on a Samsung tablet.

Check That Your Tablet Has Enough Storage Space

If you’re having trouble saving the screenshot, it could be due to a lack of storage space on your tablet. Check how much storage space you have left and try freeing up some space if needed.

Restart Your Tablet

Sometimes, a simple restart can help to fix any issues you’re having with your tablet. Restart your tablet and try taking a screenshot again.

Check for Software Updates

If you’re still having issues, make sure that your tablet is running the latest software update. Software updates can fix bugs and improve the performance of your tablet, which can help with taking screenshots.

If you’ve tested all of these troubleshooting measures and still having problems with taking a screenshot on your Samsung tablet, you may want to contact Samsung’s customer support for further assistance. They can help you troubleshoot any issues you’re having and provide additional guidance if needed.

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My Screenshots are not Saving?

If your Samsung tablet is low on memory storage, it may not be able to save your screenshots. This is a common issue, especially if you take a lot of screenshots or if you have many apps and files saved on your tablet. Here are some tips to free up memory storage on your Samsung tablet:

Delete Unused Apps and Files

One of the easiest ways to free up memory storage on your tablet is to delete any unused apps and files. Go through your apps and delete any that you no longer use. Also, delete any old files or photos that you no longer need.

Move Files to an External Storage Device

If you have a lot of files or photos that you don’t want to delete, consider moving them to an external storage device such as an SD card or a cloud storage service. This will free up space on your tablet’s internal storage.

Clear App Cache and Data

Apps can use up a lot of memory storage, especially if they have a lot of cached data. Clearing the cache and data of apps that you don’t use often can help to free up space on your tablet.

Use a Storage Manager App

There are many storage manager apps available that can help you to identify which apps and files are taking up the most space on your tablet. These apps can also help you to clean up your tablet’s storage and free up space.


Taking a screenshot on a Samsung tablet is easy once you know the steps. Just remember to press and hold buttons as we outlined above, then open the Gallery app to view your screenshots. If you’re having trouble taking or saving screenshots, ensure you have adequate storage space and check for software updates. Best of luck!

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