How to Remove Sim Card From Android

The SIM card is a vital component of any smartphone device. It stores many cellular data, including text messages, contacts, and more. If you want to switch phones or upgrade to a newer model, it’s important to remove the SIM card from your old device before disposing of it.

Removing a SIM card from an Android device can seem daunting for the first-timer, but it doesn’t have to be! With the right instructions and tools, you can quickly complete this process in just a few minutes. In this article, we’ll give a step-by-step guide on how to safely and successfully remove your SIM card from an Android device. Let’s get started!

Remove Sim Card From Old Android with Removable Battery

In the early days, Android smartphones came with removable batteries, and the fixed sim card tray was located behind the battery. You have to detach the battery first to remove the sim card from these devices. Here are the steps you need to pursue to take out the sim from these android smartphones:

1. Turn off Your Device

The first step is to turn off your. This helps to prevent any damage that can occur from the electric charge of the phone or battery.

2. Remove the Back part

The next step is to detach the back part of the phone. Usually, you have to use a fingernail or something like this to pry it off.

3. Locate and Remove the Battery

Now, you have to locate and remove the battery from your device. This should be fairly easy as it’s usually held in place by clips on either side of the battery.


4. Locate the Sim Card Tray

Once the battery is removed, you should see a sim card tray. This is usually located on the top side of the back.

5. Remove the Sim Card

Now that you have located the sim card tray, you can remove it by using a fingernail or paperclip to press and hold the sim card tray down while gently pulling it out.

That’s it; you have successfully removed the sim card on your Android device! Make sure to be extra cautious while removing the SIM card at step 5, as it is quite easy to damage the tiny gold contact pins.

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Remove Sim Card From Newer Android with Unremovable Battery

If you have a newer model of an android smartphone, then it may not come with a removable battery. For this kind of device, the sim card tray is usually accessed through a pinhole on the side of the phone. Here’s how to remove the sim card from this kind of device:

1. Find the Sim Ejector Pin

You will require a little tool known as a sim ejector to open the sim tray safely. Typically, you should get this with the device when you unbox it. If not, you can purchase one from a phone shop or online retailers like Amazon. If you cannot access a sim ejector immediately, you can simply something like a paperclip or other alternatives.

2. Locate the Sim Card Tray Pinhole

Your sim card tray should be located on one side of your device near the top.

3. Push the Sim Ejector Pin Into the Pinhole

Once you have found the pinhole, you can insert your sim ejector pin into it and push it down firmly. You should feel a click after a few seconds and then be able to pull out the tray with your finger.

4. Remove Sim Card From the Tray

After removing the tray, you can take out your sim card and dispose of it as appropriate.

And there you have it! Those are all the steps you need to follow in order to remove a Sim Card from an Android device safely.

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How to Re-insert the Sim Card on Android?

Once you have taken out the sim card from your Android device, you may need to re-insert it, depending on what you plan to do. Fortunately, re-inserting the sim card is an easy process. You simply can follow the exact same process as before, but this time instead of removing the sim card, you are inserting it. Make sure to align the gold pins on the sim card with those on the tray for proper functioning in the old android devices.


Removing and re-inserting a sim card on an Android device is not that hard. Just make sure to be extra cautious when removing the sim card, as it can easily get damaged if you do it wrong. We hope you found this article useful and that it was able to provide some help on how to remove a sim card from your Android device. Good luck!

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