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Latest ICCID Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6 or iOS 16 (Working)

R-SIM Perfect ICCID Code unlock for iOS 14.8 to iOS 15.3 or iOS 16 - iPhone 6S to iPhone 13 Pro Max, Everyone knows what a SIM card is, but probably few have ever heard of ICCID for SIM.

Today we will offer you the tried and working latest ICCID Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6 or iOS 16 iPhone helpful for unlocking network lock, sim lock, invalid sim card, sim not supported, etc. The new working ICCIDcode 2022/01/30 has been tried a little while ago without problems for iPhone devices’ new ICCID 2022, Most owners of modern iPhone mobile devices have an idea of ​​the international IMEI identifier, consisting of 18 or 22 characters (depending on the number of algorithms).

So you can see the new working latest ICCID Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6 With the iPhone lock, it can only be used with a specific carrier. However, when there is ICCID in a certain list (by Apple convention), any carrier can operate normally. So this ICCID is used to trick the iPhone into identifying it through a paired SIM,

What does the ICCID do?

How to Get the latest ICCID Code for iOS 14.8 up to iOS 15.3

You may have heard a rumor that with R-SIM you can’t update your phone to the newest iOS. This is absolutely untrue! Current RSIM models allow you to update to the most recent iOS at any time. Lastest ICCID working Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6 The only catch? You may need to go back to the menu and enter a new ICCID.

  • We think this one minute of extra work a couple of times per year is well worth the flexibility and low price of unlocking an iPhone with RSIM!
  • The ICCID code rotates regularly, but you can always find the most recent ICCID on this page, for free.

What is the ICCID Code?

The acronyms in English mean International Regional Card Identifier. It is a unique serial number each SIM card has. This number is made up of 18-22 numbers and is inserted into the SIM and re-printed on the SIM chip itself. This number is used to identify the SIM chip.


For all ICCID numbers, the first 2 digits are the same, and 89 digits. It will then be followed by the country code established by the International Telecommunication Union. After the country code, the next 3-4 digits show the Mobile Network Code. For example, when MNC says 004, the code is associated with Verizon Wireless.

New ICCID 2022 Free Code

  • New ICCID that is shared on this website makes it easy to activate your iPhone lock so you can use it as an international device ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier) is the code of the SIM.
  • Each ICCID number sequence usually consists of 19 or 20 characters. They are printed on the surface of the SIM card and stored inside the SIM’s memory. Lastest ICCID working Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6.
  • Each ICCID number is unique and is a unique identifier for the SIM card, similar to an identity card number or bank account.

Why do you need ICCID?

  • Lastest ICCID working Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6
  • Unlocking your iPhone with RSIM is easy and cost-effective.
  • We are a trusted source of SIM unlocks since 2012.
  • We ship worldwide.
  • All our RSIMs ship with an authentication number.

How to Enter ICCID Code in a Locked iPhone

New latest ICCID working Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6 or iOS 16. However, not everyone knows about the ICCID code 2022, which is unique for each SIM card and is used by cellular operators to connect subscribers to certain types of networks. New lastest ICCID working update daily New lastest ICCID working today – Automatic update daily.

Use ICCID codes with R-SIM

  1. Insert your R-SIM into your iPhone.
  2. Open the Call app and dial * 5005 * 7672 * 00 #. For R-SIM versions starting at 14+, you do not need to dial the code; the menu will appear automatically.
  3. Then, Select Edit ICCID from the list.
  4. Next, install the valid ICCID you found on the sites mentioned above.
  5. Then restart the iPhone, and it will work with the new ICCID.

Use ICCID codes with GPP LTE Chip

  1. Go to the Settings app on your iPhone and click on the SIM option.
  2. Then click on ICCID and install the new ICCID you found on the sites above.
  3. Next, select Full Mode or Sharp Mode. Then tap OK.
  4. Now replace your old SIM card with a new SIM card and connect to a Wi-Fi connection. Then wait a few minutes until the GPP chip reads the new SIM card.

How do you get an ICCID number?

Everyone knows what a SIM card is, but probably few have ever heard of ICCID for SIM. So first of all, it should be mentioned that it is a code needed to perform various procedures with our SIM card. In this article, we will learn why we need ICCID and where we can find the ICCID.

Get ICCID on iPhone

  1. Find the settings app on your iPhone and press the General option.
  2. Under the General option, press About for various device information.
  3. Scroll down the list available under the About section, and you may find an entry with the name ICCID available in the list.

Get ICCID on SIM Card

If you already have a SIM card, there are two ways to get ICCID. The first way is to install it on the phone and follow the settings of the Settings application mentioned above.

Another way is to use your SIM card package to retrieve it. When you buy a SIM card, it comes with a plastic card, and your SIM card is attached to it. Under the barcode for that card, you can find the long number 18-22, which is ICCID. Also, it is printed on your SIM card with lowercase letters.

How to Get the latest ICCID Code for iOS 12 up to iOS 15.5-15.6 or iOS 16?

  • Here New Working ICCID (2022) on iOS 12 to iOS 15.5-15.6
    • ✔ 89014103270421600504 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343723 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605344408 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343731 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343749 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343756 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343764 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343772 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343780 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343798 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343806 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343813 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343822 – Live
    • ✔ 89014104279605343830 – Live

How to unlock an iPhone without an ICCID code? (5 minutes)

If you do not find ICCID active, you do not need to worry. iToolab has introduced the SIMUnlocker software to unlock your device without the need for ICCID. It does not matter if the network company your iPhone is locked to; can unlock any iPhone from any network company. Also, if you encounter any invalid SIM or unsupported SIM issues, SIMunlocker will fix them. The opening process will only take 5 minutes and can be done by you following our guide provided below. Once you unlock the device, unlocking is permanent, and there will be no data loss during the process.

How to Fix “SIM Not Valid” and Unlock iPhone SIM Card? iToolab SIMUnlocker V1.0.0 Guide (Windows)

You can download the latest version of the iToolab SIMunlocker from here:

What does “SIM Not Valid” mean? SIM Not Supported means that the iPhone is locked on a carrier network. iToolab SIMUnlocker helps you unlock your iPhone SIM card permanently.
Download SIMUnlocker: https://bit.ly/3x3ZODn
V2.0 has been released, check the guide here:

Key Features:
– Quick unlock iPhone SIM Card to change any carrier without chip and code.
– Fix iPhone SIM Card locked issues such as “SIM Card Not Valid”.
– Available for all carriers such as AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

  1. Connect your iPhone with your PC:
    1. Connect your iPhone to a PC using a USB cable once you have downloaded and installed the iToolab SIMUnlocker from the link above. When connecting an iPhone for the first time, mark the device as Trusted to complete the connection.
  2. Jailbreak device:
    1. To unlock the device, first of all, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken. SIMUnlocker will automatically download Checkra1n jailbreaking software to your PC to check if the device is compatible. If your device is already jailbroken, you can skip this step.
  3. Confirm the information to unlock
    1. After the end of jailbreaking, check the on-screen device information. Once you have confirmed it, click the unlock button. Then the unlock process will end, and finally, click the Done button to close the program.

Final Words

It is now clear why we need ICCID and where we can get it. If you still can’t find the valid ICCID, follow our guide on unlocking the device without the need for a valid ICCID. Unlocking the device with ICCID can be temporary. However, once you have used the iToolab SIMUnlocker, we can guarantee that your unlock is permanent and there is no data loss or SIM damage.

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