How to Find Your AirPods if They Are Offline

You have just upgraded to the new AirPods and have been enjoying it to the fullest. But one day, you can’t seem to find them. You are looking everywhere, but it is nowhere to be found. You check your phone, and it says that the AirPods are offline. Such a situation can be really annoying, and the thought of losing your favourite AirPods can be really upsetting.

Fortunately, there is a way to locate your AirPods, even when they are disconnected. In this write-up, you will discover manifold courses to find your AirPods. Keep reading!

AirPods Are Offline: What Does It Mean?

Before we discuss how to find your AirPods if they are offline, it is important to understand what it really means when the AirPods are said to be “offline”.

Simply put, your AirPods will be considered offline if they fail to connect with any of your devices or if the device has been switched off. In such cases, before you start looking for them, first check the device that is supposed to be connected to the AirPods.

If you can somehow re-establish the connection between the two, you may be able to discover your AirPods precise location. This way, the entire process of finding them could be made much easier. However, if there is no way to connect the AirPods with any of your devices, you will have to rely on other methods in order to locate them.

Find Offline AirPods Through Find My App

The Find My App is a remarkable way to uncover your AirPods if they are offline. This Apple app helps you locate all the gadgets that are linked to your iCloud account, including iPhones, iPods, Macs and even AirPods.


The best thing about the app is that it preserves your device’s latest available location so that you can look for it even if it is offline. And the location it shows and stores are usually quite accurate even though the AirPods dont have any GPS.

To employ the Find My App to uncover your AirPods, follow the below steps:

1. Unlock your iPhone and browse the Find My app from the app menu.

2. Login with your account credentials if required. Then click “Devices”.

3. It will display a list of devices joined to your iCloud account. Look for the AirPods and click on them.

4. Now, it will show you the last available location of your AirPods on a map, along with directions.

5. Click “Directions” to get information on the distance. Head to the area where the map is marked.

6. Search the area to discover the AirPods.

These are the steps that you need to follow in order to discover your AirPods if they are disconnected. If your AirPods are active, you will find a “Play Sound” button. It will help you to locate the AirPods by emitting a sound.

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What to Do If You Can’t Find Your AirPods?

If you are unable to locate your AirPods after going through the above-mentioned steps, there is a chance that they have been stolen. As a first step, we will recommend you to turn on the Lost Mode. When Lost Mode is enabled, you can convey a message to the person who found it with a phone number or email address.

Here is the procedure to mark your AirPods as lost:

1. Follow the first and second steps described above.

2. Scroll down to find the “Mark as Lost” option.

3. Click “Activate” under the Mark as Lost segment.

4. In the occurred popup, click “Continue”.

5. On the new page, add your phone number so that anyone who discovers it can contact you.

With this, you have successfully marked your AirPods as lost. The person who finds the AirPods will contact you through the provided number as soon as they connect it to their device.

Find AirPods without iPhone

If you are looking for a way to find your AirPods without an iPhone, you can use the website iCloud.com. With this, you can locate your lost AirPods and play a sound if it is active. You dont need any Apple devices to use this method. The prerequisite is your Apple ID and password have to be attached to the AirPods.

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Now that you know how to find your Airpods if they are offline make sure that you always keep them in a secure place. Doing so will assist prevent misplacing them and save you time in glimpsing for them. We hope this write-up has been helpful in showing you how to locate your AirPods if they are offline.

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