How to Change the Samsung’s Network Settings

Should you experience connection troubles with your Samsung gadget – be it Wi-Fi problems, Bluetooth pairing obstacles, or mobile network interruptions – restoring your network settings could be a practical solution. This piece provides a thorough and user-friendly guide on how to return your Samsung device’s network settings to their original state.

By adhering to these instructions, you can tackle any network issues you’re currently facing by reverting your device’s network preferences back to their initial factory settings.

Why Reset Network Settings? 

Understanding why your Samsung device has to have its network settings reset is crucial before beginning the detailed procedure. Misconfigured network settings may develop over time and cause connectivity issues. The network settings can be reset to address problems like:

  • Wi-Fi connectivity issues: If your device is having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi networks or keeps disconnecting, try performing a network reset.
  • Bluetooth connection issues: Any conflicts or issues that can prohibit your Samsung device from associating with Bluetooth devices can be resolved by resetting network settings.
  • Mobile network issues: Difficulties with mobile networks Problems with mobile data, such as sluggish speeds, connectivity issues, or dropped connections, may be resolved by resetting the network settings.

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Safety Measures and Backup

It’s crucial to take a few measures and back up any crucial data on your Samsung smartphone before doing a network reset:

  • Data backup: Your personal data will not be deleted if you reset the network settings, but it is always a good idea to back them up to ensure they are secure.
  • Note Wi-Fi logins: You’ll need to re-enter your Wi-Fi network passwords after the network has been reset, so write them down.
  • Bluetooth devices: Bluetooth gadgets You’ll need to reconnect any Bluetooth devices you’ve got after the reset, so make a note of which ones they are.
  • Details about the SIM card and the network provider: Keep your SIM card and network provider information handy in case you need to enter it again after resetting the network settings.

Resetting Network Settings 

Let’s move on to the detailed methods for resetting your Samsung device’s network settings:


Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings app on your Samsung device to get started. Typically, you may find it in the app drawer or by selecting the gear icon after swiping down the notification shade.

Step 2: Access General Management

To find the “General Management” option, navigate to the Settings menu and scroll down. To continue, tap on it.

Step 3: Choose “Reset”

Find the “Reset” option in the General Management menu and hit it.

Step 4: Choose Reset Network Settings

There ought to be a number more choices available under the Reset menu. Select “Reset Network Settings” if you can find it.

Step 5: Verify the Reset

You will get a confirmation message alerting you of the results of resetting the network settings. After carefully reading the instructions, select “Reset Settings” to continue.

Step 6: Enter Your Password or PIN

To verify the network reset procedure, enter your device’s PIN, password, or pattern if requested.

Step 7: Verify the Reset

For resets involving the network, a further confirmation request can show up. To confirm your choice, tap “Reset” or “Confirm.”

Step 8: Reboot Your Device

Your Samsung device will reboot to make the adjustments after you confirm the reset. This procedure could take a short while.

Step 9: Reconfigure the Network Settings

You must change your network settings after your device restarts. This includes re-entering any SIM card or network provider information, fixing Bluetooth devices, and reconnecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Please note that the process may be a bit different based on the model of your Samsung device.

Solving Issues Following a Reset

Consider the following troubleshooting procedures if you continue to experience problems with network connectivity despite having reset the network settings:

  • Update firmware: Go to Settings > Software Update on your Samsung device to make sure the most recent firmware is installed.
  • Reset networking hardware: To restore the network connection, restart your modem or router.
  • Message support: Contact Samsung customer service or your network provider for more help if the problems continue.

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Reverting your Samsung device’s network configurations to their initial state may serve as a straightforward and efficient remedy for various connectivity complications. By following the detailed instructions within this article, you can easily restore your device’s network settings back to their default state, potentially resolving any network-related difficulties you’re facing.

Ensure you’ve taken the necessary safety measures, backed up your data, and are ready to reconfigure your settings before resetting your network configurations. Should the issue continue, don’t hesitate to reach out to Samsung or your network provider for additional support.

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