Google Search easter egg joins the fun of playing Wordle

Google Search has decided to honor the popular daily word puzzle, Wordle, with a new Easter egg symbol.

Last year, Josh Wardle created a game of friends and family asking you to find the right name with five characters in six tries or less, with the same characteristics as the old Mastermind game – as successful as the old game Lingo. The game was later released to the public, before it became very popular a few weeks ago due to fans sharing the day’s results on social media.

Given Wordle’s huge popularity, it’s no surprise to learn that there are a lot of game fans on Google. To celebrate this season with pop culture, Google Search has unveiled a new Easter egg highlighting the essence of the Wordle game.

From today, Google Search easter egg joins the fun of playing Wordle, when you search for “Wordle” – the Easter egg only appears on desktops, for now – you will notice that the Google logo in the upper left corner has been replaced by the animated GIF. Instead of the usual “four-color” Google TV “, there are six character boxes, where the word” Column “comes from.

As when playing Wordle, characters are marked to indicate which are right or wrong and need to be submitted. The cartoons play a guess of “Goalie” and finally “Google.” All in all, this is a small, fun way for Google to honor a fun indie game, even though it is a far cry from their highly decorated Easter egg. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

Ironically, on the Wordle search results page, there is an information panel on the page that provides information about the unrelated game called “Wordle” released a few years ago on Android. Thankfully, the right Wordle appears as the first search result.




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