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Google releases latest Wear OS 3.2 Update Tweaks (Developer)

The next generation of Wear OS 3.2 is just around the corner, Google is slowly making improvements to Wear OS 3 through a developer preview. This week, the company has quietly released another emulator image, which shows some progress from the last time we entered.

Google releases latest Wear OS 3.2 Update Tweaks (Developer)

The last time we looked at Wear OS 3 came back in December, and not much has changed in the past. The interface itself is almost identical, with no significant changes to the settings menu, notifications, or other features. The biggest difference is polishing the product.

One example of the tweaks we’ve seen include changing the icons in the app cabinet, and other built-in apps that show new icons that are very similar to Google’s “Themes with themes” feature on Android 12, without changing the color of all these icons. Apps with this feature include Calendar, Alarm, Wash Time, Settings, Stopwatch, and more. Another area where Google has changed thumbnails is in the notification tray, system icons that take the same color palette. These changes are not really new to this recent preview, but they came out a few months ago.

Unfortunately, no sign of new Google Assistant design was announced earlier this month, at least not at the highest level.

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What’s new latest Wear OS 3.2 Update?

Wear OS 3.2 Update

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in the development of Wear OS is that this new version has taken the moniker “Wear OS 3.2.” However, that too is not particularly new, as the Galaxy Watch 4 is currently using Wear OS 3.2 in its latest updates.

This latest preview could include a March 2022 security purse.

It is disappointing to see so few changes, but it is good to see that Google is working with Wear OS before its launch. It is also important to remember that these simulations do not reflect what can be posted in the actual product, and that much of the work Google does on Wear OS 3 is under the hood.

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