GB WhatsApp by Alex Mods & All the Exciting Features You Need to Know

GB WhatsApp by Alex Mods

Get ready to supercharge your messaging experience with GB Whatsapp – the ultimate Personalized and Optimized version of WhatsApp! With a range of exciting additional features, GB Whatsapp takes your communication game to the next level. Try it today and discover a whole new world of possibilities!


There are a number of features offered by this modified version which makes it a go to for users, including the ability to send long messages, downloading WhatsApp status, changing the theme of the interface, and much more. 

Features of GB WhatsApp 

Following are some of the features provided by GB WhatsApp 

Hide Last Seen 

Worried about people texting you again and again? Well, the ‘last seen’ written on your profile may sometimes prove to be quite disturbing but thanks to the modified app version, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Users can hide their last seen and no one will be able to know your last online status until you want them to know. 

Pause Last Seen 

Not only does the app allow you to hide your last seen, it also allows you to fake or pause the last seen status. This feature is much more interesting than the aforementioned one, as it seems quite convincing too. With hiding last seen status, many people may know that you have removed it but with the pause last seen feature, no one is going to know your online status. If you don’t want anyone to know when you are online, you can either add a fake last seen or pause your last seen to a particular time. 


Make an unlimited number of groups 

The official version of the application only allows a selective number of groups to be created by a user. However, most people have a large social circle and they find it pretty problematic to limit themselves to a particular number. With GB WhatsApp, users can create an unlimited number of groups without having to worry about any restrictions. 

Add an unlimited number of members to a group

Not only does the app allow you to create an unlimited number of groups, it also permits the users to add an unlimited number of members to a particular group. The normal WhatsApp version has a lesser number but the GB WhatsApp previously allowed up to 256 members to be added in a group, but the number doubled after a recent update. 

Customizable Interface 

One of the most interesting features of this modified WhatsApp application is its customizable interface. Users can select whatever theme that they like best in order to make their application much more interesting. In case you are not satisfied with the overall page appearance of WhatsApp, you can make a few alterations in it to best suit your needs. 

Auto reply feature 

Tired of replying to a large number of messages everyday? Well, if you own a business or just an extrovert with a large social circle, this may be one of the problems that you face in your daily life. GB WhatsApp has an auto-reply feature that is going to save your time in a number of ways. In case anyone tries to text you, the app will immediately send them an auto-generated message. Most of the businesses who sell their merchandise through this platform make use of the auto-reply feature.  

Hide Online Status 

Even when you hide last seen on the official version by turning off the read receipts, people will still come to know when you are currently online. This may be a problem for many users who want to maintain minimum contact with others. If you are also one of those worried about people texting you thinking that you are online, consider downloading GB WhatsApp for this purpose. The app allows you to hide your online status and no one is going to know whether you are using the app or not. 

Increased timer for video status 

Normally, the official WhatsApp application only allows videos ranging up to 30 seconds to be added to a status. This trims a longer video to a very short one which makes it very unattractive for users. Although people do tend to put more than 1 statuses in order to complete a video on WhatsApp, there is still disruption in the video with some parts being repetitive. 


That is the reason that this modified version of the application offers a greater time limit for video statuses so that users can upload whatever video they want to. The increased time limit for videos is 7 minutes, which is considerably longer than the 30 seconds version. Keep in mind that this 7 minutes status will only be visible to those users who also have a GB WhatsApp.

More than 100 documents can be sent 

While the regular WhatsApp version only allows up to 30 documents to be sent at a time, GB WhatsApp has introduced a considerably larger limit, aiding the users in their day to day lives. With this application, you can send up to 100 files at a time, which serves to be an excellent feature for students who want to share their study notes with others. 

How to install and update 

Consider following the below mentioned steps in order to install the application 

  • First of all, proceed to download the GB WhatsApp application by clicking on the link available on our website. 
  • Then, make sure that you have already backed up your existing WhatsApp version. After you have backed up all the data, uninstall the existing version.
  • Now, download the GB WhatsApp app by going to the downloads section of your device. You will first have to allow the unknown sources to work in your device by going to Menu> Settings> Security> Allow unknown sources. 
  • Congratulations, the app has been downloaded on your device and ready to use. 

Msc Features 

Some miscellaneous features of the app are

  • The app allows users to share video status ranging up to 7 minutes as compared to the 30 seconds option available in the original WhatsApp application. 
  • While the official version of WhatsApp only allows you to enable or disable the blue tick, GB WhatsApp provides the feature to either hide the blue tick or display it only after you have replied to that particular message. 
  • The regular version of WhatsApp allows users to delete their messages only after 5 hours of sending. This can prove to be really annoying for some users and that is the reason that the modified version provides you the ability to delete messages even after 3 days of sending from both sides. 
  • Even if you don’t want to reply to anyone, you can enable the auto-reply mode and generate a text which will then be sent to anyone who is trying to contact you. This is a great opportunity for small businesses operating via WhatsApp. 
  • The app also allows you to change your WhatsApp icon to anything you like and add whatever colors you want including black, red, or blue. 
  • If you are also one of those who forgets about all the important events, GB WhatsApp allows you to schedule important messages for upcoming dates. In this case, even if you forget someone’s birthday, the app will automatically send them a message on that particular date. 
  • While the other mods of WhatsApp available on the internet do not allow users to operate 2 WhatsApps at once, GB WhatsApp allows both the apps to run simultaneously. In this way, you don’t have to delete your previous WhatsApp version. 
  • Unlike other mod versions, GB WhatsApp is totally ad free and you won’t have to worry about your time and data wastage at all. 
  • The users don’t have to worry about their privacy at all, as GB WhatsApp has reviewed all its codes and has devised a very safe and secure way of communicating with each other. 



How do I allow GB WhatsApp to access my contacts?

In case you want the app to access your contacts, head towards the Settings of your device. From there, click on Apps and notifications and then scroll down to find WhatsApp. Click on permissions and turn on all the options available there. 


How can I backup my WhatsApp chats in GB?

In order to backup your chats in this version, open the application and click on the Settings option which will be available at the bottom right corner. From there, click on the Chats option available which will give you access to all the chats present. Now, opt for the ‘Chats Backup’ option and all your chats will automatically be backed up. 


Overall, GB WhatsApp provides an increased number of features allowing the users to customize the interface as per their requirements. The application also provides more privacy as compared to the regular version and that is the reason why it has a considerably large number of user base.

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