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Most people know Rupert Murdoch as the media mogul behind Fox News and The Wall Street Journal. But Murdoch is also a major player in the world of Facebook. He is one of the site’s early investors, and his son Lachlan is a member of Facebook’s board of directors. Murdoch has been a vocal critic of Facebook, but he remains a major shareholder in the company. facebook rupert murdochmasnicktechdirt

Facebook’s problems with Rupert Murdoch and other media moguls are no secret. The social media giant has been embroiled in a number of controversies, from its handling of user data to its role in the spread of fake news. But one of the most persistent problems Facebook has faced is its relationship with Rupert Murdoch and his media empire. facebook rupert murdochmasnicktechdirt

Murdoch has been one of Facebook’s loudest critics, denouncing the platform for a variety of reasons.

Facebook and Rupert Murdoch have had a tumultuous relationship. Murdoch has been critical of Facebook in the past, but it seems that the media mogul has had a change of heart. Murdoch is now praising Facebook for its efforts to clamp down on fake news. This is a 180-degree turn for Murdoch, who once called Facebook a “time-waster.

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