Download Latest Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK 2022

Download Latest Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK 2022: The Magisk App helps us to control Root within the app. You can use this app to enable or deny root permission of any available android apps. With the Magisk App you will see many useful Magisk modules, you can install these modules directly from the app.

Magisk Manager has finally been improved in a much simpler way. It was renamed by the developer from the Magisk Manager to the Latest Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK. In this new layout, lovers can easily use the Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK file with the .zip extension and light it up using a custom recovery to root their phone without any hassle!

You can visit our homepage website for detailed information about the Magisk 24.2 application and the Magisk installation process.

What is the Magisk App?

Previously there were different Magisk files where you had to download a .zip file and download an application which was a time-consuming process.

Now, with the help of the Magisk Application, you can easily install Magisk by renaming the .apk file to the .zip file. If you wish to uninstall the Latest Magisk App you need to rename the app to uninstall.zip and that is great.

What is the use of the Magisk App?

Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK 2022
Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK 2022

If you want to grant/reject permission for any application, this can be done easily with the help of the Latest Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK. There are a number of free modules available in the Magisk App, from which you can download apps and games to your Android device. And the important point is, that you can add your own or customized storage to get things in it.


Warning: Make sure you get a full backup of your Android device before following this process.

How To Download The Latest Magisk Version For Android 2022

Download Magisk from here:

File NameMagisk App
App Size10.4 MB
Total Downloads50 Million+
Android Required5.0+
Last UpdatedMarch 2, 2022


Magisk Changelog (v24.2)

Magisk Changelog (v24.2)
Magisk Changelog (v24.2)
  • Maintenance release fixing various issues.
    • [MagiskSU] Fix buffer overflow
    • [MagiskSU] Fix owner managed multiuser superuser settings
    • [MagiskSU] Fix command logging when using su -c <cmd>
    • [MagiskSU] Prevent su request indefinite blocking
    • [MagiskBoot] Support lz4_legacy archive with multiple magic
    • [MagiskBoot] Fix lz4_lg compression
    • [DenyList] Allow targeting processes running as system UID
    • [Zygisk] Workaround Samsung’s “early zygote”
    • [Zygisk] Improved Zygisk loading mechanism
    • [Zygisk] Fix application UID tracking
    • [Zygisk] Fix improper umask being set in zygote
    • [App] Fix BusyBox execution test
    • [App] Improve stub loading mechanism
    • [App] Major app upgrade flow improvements
    • [General] Improve commandline error handling and messaging

If you want to enable the Camera 2 API you need to download the Camera2API module and install it. You can see how easy it is to make Android Tweaks with the Magisk App 24.2-24.3 APK.


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