How to Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit)

This page is the ultimate introduction to How to Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit) Jailbreak For iPhone, iPad, iPod on Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit) iso file download for jailbreaking. Along with the frequently asked questions about everything jailbreak related, you will find links to detailed tutorials on how to jailbreak your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch.

If you already know a lot about jailbreaking and you’re just looking for guides and tutorials, simply skip to the section on how to jailbreak, or refer to our in-depth Can I Jailbreak? guide. If you’re new to jailbreaking and want to learn more, we suggest you spend a few minutes reading about this awesome pastime below Releases Checkra1n 0.12.4 Beta Jailbreak For iPhone, iPad, iPod on Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit).

How to Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit)

At the bottom of the page you’ll find information on various jailbreaks. Simply locate the software version you want to jailbreak and the type of device you have for personalised instructions. Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit) Jailbreak For iPhone, iPad, iPod on Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit) Guide Follow Step By Step, Lats Start Topic.

Important information

download checkra1n for windows 10 64-bit

This release is a beta preview and therefore should not be included in the main device.

What’s new

Bug fixes
  • Hotfix for A9X devices, which can start at 14.5 altogether with 0.12.3
  • Fix package dependency issues in deb repo
  • Highlighted changes

IOS 14.8 support

  • New command line option – force-revert to force rootFS back without accessing the uploader application
    The installed binpack has been updated and minimized

Important note

  • A11 devices on iOS 14.0 and above require deleting pass code and enable
  • “Skip A11 BPR test” in options. This is not recommended, but it is.

Problems known in macOS but all fixed in Windows OS

  • A7 devices will not currently work with the Linux version
  • Exploitation may not work reliably on other devices, such as the Raspberry Pi Zero and the Raspberry Pi 3.
  • Creating a Linux GUI when using CLI mode does not support DFU mode authentication on Apple TV 4K output boards
  • Some users reported a checkra1n crash when Chinese was set as the only system language. No other language is known.
  • Fixes an issue that caused the download application to crash on tvOS 12
  • Fixes checkra1n crash on Windows when using the latest MobileDevice frameworkn
  • Improve the reliability of installing DFU mode
  • Fixes an issue that could cause the “end UI” to crash
  • Fixes an issue where the “airport UI” can leave the terminal in an unused state when exiting
  • Fixes a GUI / TUI problem where jailbreak failure can cause memory impairment
  • Fixes an issue where battery settings have not been loaded on other users
  • Fixes an issue where a user may log out of their Apple ID
  • Fixes an issue that caused the implementation of MobileSubstrate to be delayed
  • Fixing support for iPad 6th Generation
  • Fixes an issue where A7 devices will report an error code to success
  • Fixes an issue where the jailbreak app icons will appear in the boot after using the uploader “System Restore” function.
  • Enable the uploader application to withstand long-term errors
  • Fixes an issue where Loader and Cydia fail with an offline message on Chinese iPhones
  • Fixes an issue where the iPad Pro Smart keyboard will crash
  • Fixes an issue that prevented the GUI from receiving changes to device modes

Some changes

  • Add first Apple TV 4K support
  • Clear OTA updates on startup
  • Add support for iOS 13.3
  • Remove libimobiledevice as dependent
  • Take good care of situations where no internet connection is available during tvOS bootstrapping
  • Add a shortcut Control Center shortcut for the tvOS application
  • Add support for Apple TV jailbreaks from the same app
  • Improved loading speed
  • Redesigned uploader and friends become different presentation demons in order to survive the reuse of the user world and remove the slander on behalf of the daemon
  • Remove the kernel base and other useful developer tools
  • Unsupported forums
  • This beta is only available to Windows users. Download macra checkra1n See Downloads »

Package managers

Currently, checkra1n only supports installing Cydia. Support for other package managers is coming soon, and you will not need a checkra1n update.


Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit)

How do I use it?

download checkra1n for windows 10 64-bit

Download and Open the Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit) application, and follow the instructions for setting up your device in DFU mode. Hax happens automatically by magic from that point and the device will launch in jailbroken mode. If you restart the device without checkra1n, it will return to iOS stock, and you will not be able to use any installed third party software until you install DFU and test the device again.

Is it safe to jailbreak? Can it damage my device / wipe my data?

A: We believe prison jail breaking is safe and we take precautionary measures to avoid data loss. However, like any software, bugs are possible and * no guarantee is provided *. We recommend that you back up your device before using checkra1n.

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Checkra1n Windows iOS 13 Jailbreak Windows FULL TUTORIAL! Ra1nStorm allows you to run Checkra1n Jailbreak on Windows iOS 13 Jailbreak, Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit), meaning you can Jailbreak iOS 13 Windows NOW! Ra1nStorm Jailbreak iOS 13 Windows uses Checkra1n Jailbreak to run the tool, and this means you can iOS 13.2.3 Jailbreak iOS 13 Windows NOW, no waiting for Checkra1n team to release their Checkra1n Windows tool!

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You will learn How To Jailbreak iOS 13 Windows, with Ra1nStorm. Ra1nStorm is a tool which enables you to Jailbreak iOS 13 on windows, And so it’s only right to show the full Jailbreak How To. You can Jailbreak using Ra1nStorm on the latest iOS 13.2.3, iOS 13.3 & iOS 13.4 / iOS 13.3.1, Download Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit), so go Jailbreak iOS on your iPhone NOW!


I have a problem or problem reporting after a jail break.

Many problems with bootloops can be caused by buggy or incompatible tweaks. Remember many tweaks that have never seen iOS 14.8 in the pre-checkra1n period. If you suspect a newly installed tweak, you may try to install no-substrate mode by holding a vol-up during launch (start with the Apple logo until the launch is complete). If the issue goes away, Checkra1n for Windows 10 (64-bit or 32-bit), it is likely that a bad tweak is to blame, and you should contact the tweak developers.

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