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How to Download & Install Delta Emulator iOS 15 No Computer Free (2022)

in this post i will show you How to Download & Install Delta Emulator iOS 15 No Computer? Unlike other Emulators, DELTA Emulator is a people’s choice to play retro games, Delta Emulator iOS 15 including Nintendo Download, GBA, and more. Previously, iOS users used to hack a phone to download content that was banned by Apple, and Emulator Apps was. However, it does not help to hack an iPhone in this advanced time when you have many resources that provide a secure download platform for DELTA Emulator or other simulation apps. So get ready to play hand-held games anywhere anytime, without carrying large consoles anywhere you go.

This tutorial is dedicated to some people who do not want existing computer problems, but a straightforward way to download the DELTA emulator for the Install Latest Delta Emulator iOS 15 No Computer. This method does not require any PC or software; from your iPhone, you can download and install the DELTA emulator on your iPhone. So how can you do it follow steps by speps fully guide.

How to download and Install Delta Emulator on iOS 15 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch


Follow the steps below to install the Delta Emulator on your iPhone or Ipad Install Delta Emulator iOS 15 No Computer:

  1.  Clear history and website data in safari – so, Go to App SettingsGet SafariScroll screen. Tap history and website data, click next again to confirm. That’s all. Now go to the next steps.
  2. after clean history on your iPhone – Let’s get in safari browser
  3. Locate Delta Emulator and click the arrow icon to install it
  4. now follow the steps you can see in the given screenshot.
  5. Open the Settings App
  6. Find General and Tap Profile
  7. click on Profile
  8. Now enter the Profile
  9. After successfully installing the Profile, Find the Tutu app on your phone’s home screen, or placed in the app library.
  10. Now find the Delta emulator in the Search bar.

How to Download & Install Delta Emulator iOS 15 No Computer DELTA Emulator ROMs

How To Download &Amp; Install Delta Emulator Roms Ios 15 No Computer
How To Download &Amp; Install Delta Emulator Roms Ios 15 No Computer


  1. As always, to play GBA, NES and other games, open the website on your iPhone.
  2. Open the game you want that you would like to download.
  3. Tap the download button.
  4. With iOS 12 or earlier: After the ZIP file has been downloaded, press the More option and open in DELTA.
  5. For iOS 13: tap in the upper right corner of the download icon.
  6. Tap the downloaded ZIP file.
  7. In the upper right corner, press Select.
  8. Then select the ZIP file.
  9. Open the Sharing Sheet and finally tap DELTA.
  10. You can save the game while playing in Menu.
  11. Save State can be a resume, no need to start the game from scratch.

Delta Emulator iOS Download – How To Install Delta On iOS 15 (Install Games + All Features)

Download or install A word of advice

If you have a PC, follow our detailed AltStore download tutorial, which is a reliable way to download apps not available in the App Store.

The above method is not stable, as no one wants to follow a boring process often to download the DELTA emulator, but try AltStore and enjoy the DELTA emulator all the time.

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