Apple will no longer provide headphones with iPhone boxes in France

Apple will no longer provide headphones with iPhone boxes in France from January 24. This is at least what Fnac has to say in its stores, making it clear that headphones have not been delivered to Xiaomi smartphones since January 17th.

This is the result of legislation aimed at reducing the natural track record of digital technology in France. The article in the text removes the obligation for manufacturers to provide a hands-free kit (usually headphones) for new phones. The law repeals a provision made in 2010 in the Post and Electronic Communications Code, which sought to “reduce head exposure to radioelectric power generation during communications”. But health risks have never been shown.

Apple no longer provide headphones with iPhone boxes in France

Due to ecology, Apple has stopped slipping its headphones and smartphones from the iPhone 12. Outside France, therefore, when the manufacturer offers its smartphones integrated into the big box. This should not be the case from January 24.


French consumers will therefore need to supply not only their no longer provide headphones, but also their charger, an accessory from the iPhone box.

Since the release of the iPhone 12 in 2020, Apple has stopped installing EarPods and a power adapter from the iPhone box, saying this is partly to reduce its natural environment. With both accessories removed, the iPhone box has been made much smaller. Apple has also removed both items from older iPhone models that continue to sell.

Without Apple’s announcement, the company would have had to continue shipping iPhones with EarPods to France. Apple’s official obligation to install EarPods was based on the principle of caution, because the risk of developing brain exposure in electromagnetic waves is not clearly known, according to French law.

Now, that is about to change. According to a new bill passed at a French convention, smartphone manufacturers will no longer be required to put headphones in a box. Instead, they just need to make sure that compatible headphones are available separately as an optional addition. According to a notification sent by French network operator Fnac, iPhones will no longer be shipped with EarPods in the box starting January 24. The machine translation of the poster reads:

Apple’s French regional website continues to feature EarPods as a boxed item with an iPhone next to a USB-C to Lightning cable, though this may be updated soon. While removing the EarPods from the box, Apple reduced the price of headphones to $ 19, down from $ 29, with the launch of the iPhone 12 in September 2020.

Apple’s decision to remove the EarPods and charging adapter from the iPhone SE box was controversial in other countries as well. For example, Apple was fined $ 2 million in Brazil for not installing a power adapter with iPhones.


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