Apple announces changes to iPhone and new iOS 16 operating system

Apple started wwdc on Monday, 6, its annual developer conference, in which it usually announces news on its products. On this first day, the main one was the launch of iOS 16, a new version of the operating system used in iPhonesMacBooks and other items it manufactures. For the iPhone, Apple’s flagship, the new system will bring changes to the lock screen, which will indicate styles, such as filters or photos of the phone, and you can customize to reduce the size of the watch or enter other information, such as the calendar. Notifications will be more focused on the bottom of the screen, so they don’t cover the entire background. Mobile phones will gain the Live Activities function, which will send real-time information about games and other events that are interesting to the user to the lock screen. Updates to the new system will not be available to those who have the iPhone 7.

With regard to privacy, users will be able to review and revoke, at once, the different accesses and permissions that have been shared with people and apps and protect access to messages – it will be possible, for example, that a couple who have shared location can terminate the permission quickly if one of the companions is abusive. Another change will be in the automatic typing device, which will now have automatic punctuation. A new mode, ‘focus’, will allow the person to set up a work profile and a staff, and receive notifications in only one of them. iOS 16 will also feature a shareable cloud, which will allow you to share with up to five other familiar media such as photos and videos. The Wallet app will have new features, such as sharing electronic keys through iMessage, saving new information, such as hotel check-in, and a new payment method has also been announced, which will allow you to installment interest-free on up to 4x purchases made using Apple Pay, in addition to tracking shipments of products purchased with the payment method.

For the MacBook, a new chip was announced, the M2, which will focus on energy efficiency and has 5 nm architecture, support up to 24 GB of RAM and promise 35% more speed in video performance. Two new versions of the handset were announced with the new chip, the MacBook Air, with a renewed design, a 13.6-inch screen with a notch to house the camera and brings the return of MagSafe, a wired charger that works through magnets; and the MacBook Pro, which had fewer visual changes and kept the edges thicker to house the camera without the presence of a notch. The WatchOS smartwatch will have four new ‘complications’, the themes that appear when the device starts, and new features for those who use it to exercise.


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