5 Reasons Facebook marketing is better than Instagram marketing

Marketing via online media platforms is a crucial need in the contemporary world to flourish your business. However, curating promoting strategies is not enough. You need to pick a correct platform to market your brand on and conduct an in-depth analysis to see which between the new age Instagram or the old and trusted Facebook could be your marketing companion. 

In recent years, however, Facebook has reclassified how social media is seen and extended online media opportunities for organizations. As of July 2020, as indicated by Statista, Facebook had more than 2.6 billion users around the world. That is more than any other online media platform and second to Google’s perusers. The crowd on Facebook is not only huge, it ranges across numerous demographics. 

Regardless of to whom your business provides service, you will most definitely be able to track down your ideal crowd on Facebook. While leaning towards more youthful clients, with 62% of them falling somewhere in the range of 18 and 34 years of age, Facebook draws in clients from every age, with 38% of users falling from 35 to 65+ age. In regards to how Facebook remains a perpetual social media platform to market or socialize, this article will tell you why marketing on Facebook is better than marketing on Instagram. 


Facebook has a whopping number of 2.38 billion active users monthly, while Instagram has around 1 billion active users per month. 74% of marketers use Facebook for advertising their brand even through buying Facebook likes, while only 65% of marketers use Instagram as a part of their online marketing strategy. Tremendous numbers from Facebook have caused small companies to feel committed to begin a Facebook Page to gain maximum engagement and flourish their business. Facebook has solidified itself as a staple in the social media advertising world. 

  • Audience Demographics 

Facebook, stays the best for engagement with aged crowds. It is additionally significant to note that Facebook makes it simpler to channel clients to an outsider website like an online store. Instagram prohibits posting links in captions or comments, and any external links show up in your bio; this additional means needed to visit your site makes it harder to create traffic.

A benefit of being a well-known social media site for more aged customers is that the clients have higher wages. Contingent upon what products or services your organization offers, this could be incredibly profitable. For example, an investment firm may have considerably more engagement on Facebook than they would with their Instagram followers.


  • Ads and Algorithm 

You need to consider how your targeted audience utilizes every social media platform. Posting textual content on Facebook serves you the best and hence Facebook ads are the way to go. There are 10 types of ads you can post on Facebook include, ‘video, image, carousel, collection, slideshow, canvas, offer, lead generation, post engagement, and event response’ advertisements as compared to Instagram advertisements. These variety of advertisements on Facebook allow you to customize your ads to precision, choose population with high interest groups in your industry and gain more engagement.

The Facebook algorithm might be a mysterious science, yet there are several ways that you can utilize to get more eyes on your posts. For example, you can utilize Sprout’s, ‘ViralPost’ to post at peak periods to augment your crowd reach. To buy Facebook likes from sites like, ‘Famups,’ ‘Venium,’ or ‘FBSkip,’ etc. will help you market your product and/or service better. 

  • Platform Functionality 

Facebook is generally informational. You can discover things about an organization through its Facebook Page whether it is business hours, a location, or impending occasions. Facebook has consistently centred around text since its detail-driven. It serves multiple purposes. 

However, Instagram is more about capturing moments and gaining Instagram followers. Individuals do not open Instagram to discover your organization’s business hours or to check whether their companions have been to your store. Facebook gives its clients many prospects, and there is something for everybody. There is a lot you can do on Facebook from staying connected with your online community to playing games, watching videos, and above all getting your business discovered by the right demographics. 

  • Content Analysis 

The kind of content you post on Facebook or Instagram is significant. Content that works at Facebook does not generally gain you Instagram followers and vice-versa. Facebook is an incredible platform to curate content. You have likely seen a considerable amount of content shared on Facebook that is not original. It is by and large curated blog entries, news, or content that is simply being shared from different records. User-generated content can be best utilized on Facebook than on Instagram. 

Your first stop for announcing organization news ought to be Facebook. Since Facebook is more content-based, you will have a superior possibility of individuals perusing the whole update. For example, if you have a new event lined up or you are making a grand recreational change to your brand, you would need to make a Facebook post about it. Instagram is the place where you could post photos of what you have recreated or how your event went. That is the plain difference between the two. 



Before COVID-19 hit, clients previously spent a normal of 58.5 minutes daily on Facebook. During the pandemic, Facebook utilization has only soared which makes this an ideal opportunity to market your brand on Facebook and let your Instagram followers rest.  

Facebook’s paid marketing is highly successful and you can easily buy Facebook likes to sell better to older age groups. Facebook is additionally an excellent gateway to your online store or external site since you can post links anywhere on Facebook. Lastly, Facebook cannot supplant Instagram and Instagram cannot supplant Facebook. You need to recognize your crowd; consider the kind of content you post and afterward track down a platform that suits your product and/or service the best. 

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