iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes

In this guide, i will show you iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes build number 19A5307g is available for both Developers and Public Beta testers. It brings support for the Apple MagSafe Battery Pack as well as further refinements to the new iOS 15 features included in Safari, Notifications, Focus, Shortcuts and more iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes.

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes

iOS 15 Beta 4 Download

You can download iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 over-the-air as long as the appropriate iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 configuration profile is installed on your device.

Important: Do perform a full iPhone backup via iCloud or computer to make sure that you can restore your device without losing any data, if something goes wrong.

A. How To Update From Public Beta 3

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 download

If you already updated your iPhone or iPad to a Developer or Public Beta version of iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 / iPadOS 15 you only have to browse for Settings -> General -> Software Update.

The appropriate Developer or Public iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 will be found. Tap Download and Install, provide your Passcode, agree with Apple’s terms and follow the on-screen prompts to complete the update process.

Fact: The iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 update file is around 1.24 GB large.

B. How To Update From iOS 14.7.1

If your iPhone is running a public iOS 14 version, you first need to enroll your device to the iOS 15 Beta testing program. This is done by downloading the iOS 15 Beta Profile from the Apple Beta Software Program website. After downloading an installing the profile, you have to reboot iPhone and check the Software Update section for the most recent iOS 15 beta release!

Tip: Our detailed step-by-step guide is available here!

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Features

iPhone10,3,iPhone10,6_15.0_19A5307g_Restore.ipsw Here > iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4

MagSafe Battery Pack Support allows iOS 15 beta testers to use Apple’s new wireless charging accessory. Public users have already received support in iOS 14.7.

Safari Refinements – Safari gets a big revamp in iOS 15 and the fine tunings continue. In Beta 4 usability is improved with: Reload button (now available next to domain name in address bar), Share Button (relocated to the tab bar), Show Bookmarks (by long pressing the address bar).

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 changes

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes

Share Focus Status – In Messages you can tap on a contact’s name an set if you want to share your focus status!

Shortcuts Addition – A new ‘Return to Home Screen’ action can be used in automations. Disable Notifications when you share your screen or mirror your screen is now available in Settings

 Notifications -> Screen Sharing.

Photos Memory Sharing now allows you to Choose Shareable Soundtrack if an Apple Music song can’t be shared because of copyright reasons.

Wallet icon displayed in notification, on top of a third-party app’s icon, that’s used with the iOS 15 Wallet app.

iOS 15 Beta 4 Bugs Fixes

Other Storage / System Data bug has been solved. iPhone / iPad isn’t blocking huge amounts of storage space in the Other or System Data section.

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Bugs

iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes

Screen turning ON without touching it or receiving notifications.

Workaround: Force close apps running in the background.
Sleep Focus doesn’t turn off automatically at the preset time.
Music playback doesn’t show up on Lock Screen or Control Center.

Workaround: Restart iPhone / iPad.
Settings app crashing when switching DNS from Automatic to Manual

Workaround: Enable iCloud+ before changing DNS.
Clock bug overlays the carrier name on top of the current time.

Workaround: Restart device.

Safari crashes when user searches Google for ?

 iCarly goes to Brazil’Have you updated to iiPhone iOS 15 Beta 4  What’s your feedback? Have we left out a new feature? What about bugs? Have you found any new issues? Use the comments section to share your feedback.

Read Me First ⇛ After following the steps in that order you should have successfully bypassed iCloud on your device. If not make sure you followed it correctly. Even after that if you could not make it just comment below i am happy to lend a hand. Install Cydia iPhone iOS 15 Beta 4 Download & Changes, Features & Bug Fixes On Windows PC iPhone, iPad, iPod. Latest Security post was written only because a lot of people like you keep supporting me thankyou. 

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